Saturday, August 9, 2008

I really don't like it....

The new haircut, that is. And no, Lori, I will NOT be putting pictures of it on here anytime soon....haha. She cut it too short. The girl that I usually see is visiting family in Pakistan until late October, so I was forced to go to this other woman who works in the same salon. And in theory the cut is fine. Lots of layering to take some of the weight off. But again, its too short. Its slightly above shoulder length, more to the bottom of the collar. But the shorter layers cut into the back....they are going wild and crazy. There is puffiness, and curling, and other signs of hair misbehavior that can't even be described...sigh. I figure I can approach this in one of 2 ways: I can cancel my life for the next month or so and hide in my house.....OR....I can suck it up, pretend it doesn't bother me (it sooo does), apply 18 different frizz-stopping products and keep going. I am forced to go with option 2 only because I have a life to live and can't stay in bed for the next couple of months. But....I am letting this grow out and will not allow anyone else to touch my hair until Belle comes back in Oct.

One other thing....apparently the woman who cut my hair had just had a huge argument on the phone with her Mom, who lives in New Jersey. She was clearly distraught and relived every second of the fight out loud to me while snipping away, fast and furious, like she was taking her anger out on my hair. I really really really had to talk myself out of jumping up and running out of the place. It was kind of scary. Given her state of mind, I guess I ought to feel lucky that its not any worse than it is. Because again....the cut itself is fine. It would probably look good on someone who has straighter, maybe thinner hair. But my hair is thick and heavy and prone to strange contortions. Belle would have known that....Oh well. Hair grows. At least there's that.

On the brighter side....for whatever reason I can see the fish again. How odd.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Play Day....

I am taking a day off today to PLAY! Thats right, not working just because I don't want to. Is that bad of me? Today I am going to get a new haircut. Possibly even try something new and different (shorter, maybe? Well, probably not TOO short, cuz I am askeered of really short hair on me...haha). I have seemingly long straight hair, but its really deceptive. If I cut it too short, it gets ...well, not curly exactly. Wavy in weird and strange ways. Its hard to describe. Unruly is a better description. Its like it needs the weight of some length to whip it into behaving.
After the hair appointment, I may do a little bit of shopping. Browsing really. I can't think of a single thing that I need. Except maybe a few more things to wear to the gym....
I have discovered that certain activities really do require specific clothes. Actually, I was afraid I might be intimidated by a gym full of sports fashionistas. I basically know NOTHING about athletic clothing, although I am learning. But our gym is pretty laid back, and noone seems over the top "dressed to impress". Mostly its just basic, functional fitness clothes. But still....I have discovered that one needs to dress for the activity. For example, a snug fitting shirt prevents embarrassment during yoga poses. 'Downward facing dog' can leave a whole LOT exposed if you try it in a loose t-shirt. Believe me, I learned this lesson the hard way.......

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lost Little Fishies...

I downloaded Mozilla Firefox, and lo and behold my Fishies can be seen with that browser. I have no idea if its something Explorer has screwed up. Or if my Windows Vista is doing something strange ...cuz that has certainly happened a time or two. But my fish are back IF I use Firefox, so....yeah. At least there's that. I am still tempted to ditch the fish and move on to yet another new and improved (hopefully...maybe?) blog. Stephen said that he might, eventually, whenever he gets time, design a custom blog template for me. And that would require renaming the blog. It can't be fish if the template is something else entirely. So we shall see. Not anytime soon, because apparently he feels as if taking the GRE, studying for grad school, and his job is more important than my blog. Haha. Go figure.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Where are my fish?

For some reason, my blog template has gone all screwy and my fishbowl header is gone. All I see is the orange background. Its making me sad. I am going to wait a while and just see if its because blogger has gone all screwy on me (again). But if the fish are indeed gone for good, I may take the opportunity to reassess my template. If I have to start from scratch, I might as well start with something new. We shall see......Can anyone else still see the fish??? Of course, a new header would mean a new title, because I can't be the Fishbowl Chronicles if there are NO fish!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday stuff

We bought a new dishwasher this weekend. After checking out what was available, I ended up going with Whirlpool again. There were fancier models out there, ranging anywhere from $500 to $1200. I checked out the new 2-drawer versions (looks like a leaking disaster just waiting to happen...?). But Whirlpool seems to be the only brand that has the good sense to realize that if you put the silverware tray IN THE DOOR, you don't take up any extra rack space inside the tub. Everytime I opened up a prospective model and saw a big silverware holder stuck right in the middle of the bottom rack, I closed the door and kept looking. I went with whirlpool. It works for me. Apparently I am very picky about the layout of the interior of my dishwasher. The fancy features....not so much. I tend to use the normal wash cycle 95 percent of the time, anyway. Now if they come out with one that will load/unload itself, then I will reconsider my brand loyalty...haha.

We have been cleaning out a lot of stuff around the house again while doing all of this moving of the kids, buying the bedroom furniture...etc. Hubby took a carload of stuff to Goodwill. We have a big Goodwill store conveniently close by. We take everything that has any usefulness left in it there. Mostly it was books, as Stephen cleaned out his stash of books here at our house. The ones he didn't want to have to move into his new place. But one of the items was a computer monitor still in good working condition. We have gone with flat screens, since I love how they take up less space. Unfortunately Goodwill does NOT accept computer monitors.
Go figure.....I have no idea why. Anyway, the big-ass computer monitor that has been sitting in my living room floor left the building briefly. But it came back. Its the monitor that WILL NOT leave......I am at a loss as to what to do with it now. Any suggestions?

Also...I did take pics of the new bedroom furniture. I just haven't downloaded them from the camera. We have been insanely busy around here lately. But I will do that when I get a chance to sit down and catch my breath. The good thing is that I am enjoying it immensely. I LOVE it, and it makes me happy. Its all good!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A crabby kind of night....

It was a crabby kind of night. And no, I do not mean that either of us was in a grouchy mood. Nor do I mean that there was any sort of an USTT (Unpleasant, Sexually Transmitted Thingie).
I had some amazing crab dishes at the restaurant (Chef's 505) last night. We started off sharing an appetizer:
"Smoked Gouda Cheese Crab Dip topped with Toasted Pita Points."

It was indescribably delicious. And although I had one heck of a time trying to decide what to try off of the entree menu, I finally settled on the crab cakes. The Crab dip was so incredible why break the crabby theme of the evening? The crab cakes:
"Twin Pan Seared Crab Cakes covered in a Lobster Sherry Cream Sauce served over Chefs Vegetables and a Sweet Potato Hash."

Holy cow! Or Holy crab! It was absolutely divine. Hubby had a slight disappointment. He ordered a 16 oz porterhouse with pineapple chutney. He was expecting beef. It turned out to be pork. But he said that it was juicy and tasty, and he enjoyed it. I tried a bite, and thought it was excellent. We ended the evening with a shared Espresso Creme Brulee. Oh My God!! If I had known, I might have just ordered 3 of those to start with and had myself a sugar coma.

Anyway, we enjoyed it. If any of you come to visit, remind us and we will take you there.