Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cats locked up

Its been insane around here this week. Work has gone completely crazy. Its been so late when I get home that it feels like I work, sleep and then work again. Seriously, I feel like I might as well set up a sleeping bag at the office. Monday was awful, but I kept telling myself that Mondays are always tough, so just hold on until tomorrow. Much to my dismay Tuesday was even worse. But again....I held out hope that Wednesday would bring some relief. Wrong. Wednesday was worse than Monday or Tuesday ever thought about being. Oh my Lord!!!

Also? I have lost my sub. He is (finally) going full time, and he deserves that. But now I will be working weekends, taking days off whenever I can borrow someone to work for me and it more than likely means no time off at Christmas, or New Year. Normally this would completely freak me out, but I am too tired to really care. It is what it is. At least Christmas is on Saturday, so I will be at home for the weekend.

Maybe some Christmas miracle will happen and another sub will decide to move to my route (although that will leave someone else in a bind). I have heard that some new subs have been hired, but no idea of when they might be in to train. I almost don't want anybody new coming in to work with me right now. I can only imagine a new person would take one look at how awful it is this time of year and run screaming out into the streets. I would. Hell, I almost do every single day of the week and I have been there for years.

But beyond work we have had our hands full here at home with kitty problems. One of the cats has decided to pee in inappropriate places around the house. Its so out of character because all of the cats have been so good and so meticulous about using the litter boxes (yes, plural....maybe its litter boxen?). We finally singled out the culprit (Vixen), and that took some time and sleuthing to figure out. I called the vet today and she said it could be a urinary tract infection. I have to bring in a urine sample. What in the world? Right now, Vixen is locked in a bathroom for the night in hopes that she will pee in a clean litter box (the Breeze system that has a grate filled with non absorbent pellets and the urine filters down into a drawer in the bottom of the box). So far the cat is miserable, and is crying to get out, but she can't come out until she provides a sample. Grrrr....

And besides that Itty Bitty goes in for her surgery (spaying) first thing tomorrow, so I have had to take up all the food dishes and now we have unhappy cats all over the house. No food, and they are feeling nervous that Vixen is locked up. They are standing outside the bathroom door meowing and sticking their paws underneath. Its going to be a long, long night.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!!

26 years ago today, at about 8:30 in the morning, our son Stephen was born, and my life was complete. Happy Birthday my beloved son. I am really sad that we can't see you this birthday, but I hope you have a wonderful one. And an amazing year ahead, too.
We love you.

Happy Anniversary to Dad and Barb, too. 7 years ago today they were married and Barb became a Kintz. I hope you celebrate many more years ahead. We love you both.