Friday, July 2, 2010

Its been a week

Its been almost a week since I posted. What in the world? I didn't think it had been that long. But again, and I KNOW I sound like a broken record, but we have been really busy. Its not easy taking care of all of these babies. And just so's you know, these kittens are getting more adorable every single day. They are so playful all of the time. But its a lot of work, feeding, cleaning up, changing litter....still its been worth every minute of it. I am glad we had this opportunity to save Mama and her babies because it has been a real joy.

I have a definite home for 1 kitten. A definite maybe for 1 more. And a couple of inquiries that are "thinking" about it. I haven't posted the pictures at the vet yet, so hopefully we won't have any problems rehoming these kittens. A part of me really wants to keep them. But I know its not practical, and I know Bruce is not having it even though he plays with them maybe even more than I do. They WILL grow up and I can't even imagine how much work that many grown cats would be. LOL.

So, do you have any plans for the 4th? We are thinking about going down to New Bern.
Its their 300th anniversary, and the celebration is supposed to be a big one. New Bern is such a pretty little town, and I keep meaning to go tour Tryon Palace, but somehow it never happens. The most we do is drive through it on our way down to Atlantic Beach and comment on how quaint it is and how we should visit it once in a while. The waterfront is supposed to have some cool shops and restaurants, too. I don't know if any of those will be open on a Sunday afternoon, and on a holiday, but Union park is where all of the festivities are and the fireworks later that evening.
It will be nice to see something besides Greenville and the town commons thing by the river. Not that the festival here isn't nice, but we have done it so many times.

No out of town trip for us this holiday. I agreed to work tomorrow (Sat.) I mainly did it because I was offered to have Tuesday off in compensation. We are closed on Monday so you can almost count on Tuesday being a serious grizzly bear of a day.

Stephen and Hannia are setting out on Sunday to spend a week up in Lafayette. Its a 12-13 hour drive. Hannia has a couple of job interviews lined up and they are hoping to secure a place to live. They have found LOTS of places online...places near Purdue, with the space that they need for an office (2-3 bedrooms), and in their price range. I don't think its going to be a huge problem other than trying to make up their minds. There seems to be plenty of choices. They have called ahead and made arrangements to see several that they really liked on Monday and Tuesday, so hopefully they will have a place ready to go. School starts around August 23rd. They are hoping to move the first week or so in August, so....yeah. Its all falling into place. I just keep telling Hannia to take lots of pics, of the town and the place that they choose so I can see where my kids are about to move to. LOL.

If they get these priorities taken care of the first part of the week, they hope to have time to poke around Indianapolis (an hour's drive east of Lafayette), and maybe Chicago, too (about 2 hours north). I hope they do get the chance to turn this into a semi-vacation trip.

Anyway, everything is fine here. Busy, but good. We've had a short reprieve from the brutal heat this week, and that has been wonderful. I think it comes back next week, but I am not going to think about that just yet. I hope everyone has a nice safe holiday. If for some reason you develop a burning desire for an adorable kitten, give us a call!!!!