Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Link...

My daughter asked me last night where I found that heinous chicken bag. So, I am going to provide you all with the link. From the tone of her voice, I doubt that she was asking so she could rush off and order the chicken bag. Honestly, I think she might have wanted the web site so she could ban it from her computer forever. Hahahaha. Anyway, the chicken bag was found at Catalog Favorites and you can peruse all of their fun stuff HERE.

Bad news/Good news

Bad news first, just to get it out of the way. I hurt my back earlier this week. Its a pulled muscle, nothing really serious. But man oh man did that thing hurt. I've been really lucky as far as back problems go. I've got some tense, achy shoulder muscles, but beyond that, I have never had any kind of back issues. A lot of people do, I know. And I also know it can be debilitating. Anyway, at first I thought I had done some serious damage. Pain-wise, that is. I waited about 24 hours, hoping it would go away on its on. But I ended up going to the doc because it felt so miserable.

Here is where the good news comes in....She determined that it was nothing more than a muscle injury, and she prescribed a strong anti-inflammatory, and a muscle relaxant. It has worked surprisingly well. I can still feel it when I move wrong, but other than that its basically gone by now. The REALLY good news: the anti-inflammatory has cleared up the tendon/pain issue with my foot. Yay! That has been bothering me off and on for over a year now. Ibuprofen makes it manageable, but I have been procrastinating going to the foot specialist and having him do the cortisone shots. I am squeamish about those needles. Anyway, something good came out of this and I am thrilled. I can wear heels to my son's graduation next week-end without walking like a 90 year old crippled lady. Oh, I was gonna wear those heels regardless. But now I can wear them without hobbling...Haha. And that.....makes me very happy. Whats that old saying about every cloud having a silver lining??? Maybe there is a little something to that after all!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The world's ugliest...

Its no secret that I LOVE handbags. I look at them, shop for them all the time. I love checking out the vintage unusual bags on Ebay. I don't buy those usually. I'm not interested in collecting them. I only buy ones that I would actually use. I don't want the clutter of a bunch of unusable stuff, no matter how cool or collectible it happens to be.

Sometimes I run across some really interesting/ugly handbags. But tonight, while I was bored and doing a bit of online shopping, I found what might actually be the world's most ugliest handbag EVER. I can't stop looking at it. Like looking at a trainwreck I guess.


The Chicken bag. I hope I don't offend anyone who likes chicken stuff. But this thing is beyond heinous. And yet....I can't seem to look away......
Anyway, I am still without my laptop. The repair status is that they are still waiting on a part.
And that status is starting to wear thin on my nerves. The update says that they expect this elusive part to be delivered to them tomorrow, and then they will expedite my beloved laptop to me in haste. We shall see. If I don't see a change in the status report by the time I get home from work tomorrow, I may have to get on the phone and give those slackers a piece of my mind. Not that I have much of that to spare, but seriously.....I want my baby back!