Friday, January 8, 2010

No snow

No snow for us. I imagine there were a lot of disappointed children this morning. Do you remember that feeling as a kid, going to bed hopeful that there would be snow and school would be canceled, and then waking up to....absolutely nothing. It was so devastating.

Anyway, the only plans we have going on for this weekend is to FINALLY get these Christmas decorations put away. I tend to wait until after epiphany on the 6th, but it feels like it is way past time now. Maybe its because I am thankful to put Christmas 2009 behind us.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Stay warm, wherever you are.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Bruce had the colonoscopy this morning. I went in with a whole arsenal of stuff to keep me entertained while I, mp3 player, games on my new phone, a travel mug of coffee. I was prepared I tell you! And I barely got settled and read about 2 short chapters of my book when the nurse came out to tell me it was over, he was fine, and I could come back while he woke up from the anesthesia. It took less than an hour, and that included prep time and recovery. We got there at 8:15 and were back in the car and on our way home by 9.

Anyway, its all good news. The doc is fairly certain now that it was C Diff, and its completely cleared up. There was no sign of infection, polyps, cancer or crohns. They did a biopsy, and he goes back on the 26th for the results of that, but the doctor said that it was just a precaution. Everything looked healthy and normal.

So....yay! Hopefully its all over and done now. He won't have to face this again for 10 more years. I know that makes him happy.

LOVE This!!!

I browse/shop online like ALL the time. I don't necessarily buy stuff every day or anything. But I know what is where and who has sales. We are talking clothes right now. Bruce does the exact same thing in the electronics/computer type area. But me? Its all about the clothing, the shoes, the handbags, and the accessories. Again, I don't buy it all, as I just can't see spending tons of money when my lifestyle is very casual. But I do like looking at it, and knowing where to get it, and when it goes on sale....just in case. Its a hobby.

So, I just found this new site. Seriously, I thought I had seen it all, and bookmarked most of it. I was surprised. But this place, called Mod Cloth has some really adorable stuff. Indie/Retro kinds of things. And its all very won't see these items in department stores. I have only had time to browse through the dresses. Some of them are really amazing. I haven't bought anything just yet, but as soon as an opportunity to NEED a new dress presents itself, this will be the first place that I look. Its not over-the-top expensive, either. The dresses seem to average anywhere from $50-150. Very reasonable for a pretty dress, don't you think?

So...imagine doing brunch in this dress:

I also fell in love with this one:

This one looks so vintage, and yes, I love it too:

And to make this place even more awesome, they even have a fairly extensive collection of actual vintage pieces. I am pretty sure I won't be buying any of those, as they tend to have these ridiculously tiny measurements. A waist size of 24 inches? Um, well, probably not in my lifetime, but a girl can dream. LOL.
And check this out. Its a vintage 1950's dress and it is gorgeous:

If only I had some special event to wear it to, and if only I had the body of a barbie doll....

Sunday, January 3, 2010

48 minus 24 equals....12?????

So, I had to run to Petsmart today. We spend a lot of time and money in there, but its the only place in town that we can find the foods that our spoiled animals like to eat. I bought 2 cases of canned dog food, 12 cans per case. I would have bought more, but they won't stock much more than that at a time. Hence the need to make frequent trips. But anyway, as the cashier handed me the receipt, I just happened to notice that she had charged me for 48 cans instead of 24. I was still standing there in the line, so I brought it to her attention. The conversation went something like this:

Me: You charged me for 48 cans and there are only 12 cans per case.

Cashier: Oh. I thought there were more. (let me point out that these are in a flat tray, wrapped in clear plastic, so its not like you can't see, but whatever). I guess I can give you a refund.

Me: Ok, thats fine. (silently wondering about the use of the word "guess"...???)

Cashier: So I charged you for 48 and you only got 12.

Me: 12 per case. I got 2 cases.

Cashier: So pause as she tried to do simple math without a calculator....)

Me: That would be 24.

Cashier: Oh. (Blank stare...blink, blink). So that would be 48 blinking...more blank stares).

Me: 24

Cashier: Oh yeah. So that's um...12?

Me: 24

Cashier: So 48 minus 24 is 24? (incredulously as if a strange and wonderous secret had just been revealed).

Me: Yes, 24.

Cashier: Ok,, um....You got 48 and you only want 12?

Me: I got 24, and you charged me for 48.

Cashier: But I thought you said 12?

Me: There are 12 per case!!! I got 2 cases and that is 24 cans!

Cashier: Ok (sounding really uncertain, as if I was confusing her even further. Or maybe she thought I was trying to rip her off, even though my cases were still sitting on the counter...?)

Who knows. But she finally attempted to start the refund process. And at that point, this poor girl who can't do simple math demonstrated an even lesser talent for using the cash register. A manager had to be called. She had to physically go and get him, because she confessed she had NO idea how to work "that thing". "That thing" was apparently an intercom. The whole ordeal AFTER the original check out took somewhere around 15 minutes. There was a long line of angry impatient people behind me. I couldn't help it. It wasn't my fault.

I managed to keep my cool. I didn't get impatient. And finally the situation was resolved. I actually felt kind of sorry for the girl. Its a good thing she was young and cute, because I am afraid that's about all she has going on for her. Poor thing.