Friday, May 28, 2010

Still here.....

I am alive and well. Its just crazy around here right now. There are the kittens, and the new mama kitty. Our cats haven't adjusted yet, and probably won't until the kittens are old enough to re-home. Mama is very protective and is acting like a grizzly bear every time she catches sight of one of the other cats, so they are stuck pouting in the other end of the house for the time being. I know, I know....its totally MY fault for bringing in another cat and disrupting the precarious balance of our home, but it saved her life and likely the lives of those precious little babies, so....I would do it again and suffer again, because that is just what had to be done.

And work? Grrrrrrrr.....It gets more crazy by the day. There are inspectors and auditors going through every little shred of everything, wreaking havoc, and causing monumental stress. Several people have been fired, a few have quit, and more are in some gray area of not knowing where they stand yet. We have totally new management who just don't quite grasp how deep the chaos goes. I almost feel sorry for them. They have these optimistic faces, and bright ideas that should work, but probably won't. The solutions they offer are tantamount to asking someone not to smoke in a burning building. And if that isn't enough, they are moving my whole office into another building across town. There are 3 offices in this city, and they are consolidating 2 of them into one. There isn't enough space, its going to be insane, but noone will listen to advice of people who have been there forever and who might have a clue. So.....over the weekend everything will be trucked over and next week we start all over again. I have a bad feeling about this, but at the moment I am just holding my tongue and going with the flow. I've made sure that I have crossed my T's and dotted my i's. I have dated and documented every little thing that I do. I should be safe from the scrutiny. New management and new work environment....not so much. I will be there suffering with the rest of the crowd.
Whatever. I do hate that I had to work this weekend though. We have lost so many people lately, I don't really know when I will get any real time off again. Good thing we haven't scheduled any kind of vacation, because at the moment? The only way I can leave is to quit. So....yeah. Hopefully things will improve at some point in the future. Its hard to feel positive when its been all downhill for years, but then again, when it hits rock bottom the only way is up. Right? Please tell me thats right? LOL.

I'm ok. Just a little hassled and frustrated, but I haven't let it get ALL over my nerves yet. I have managed to remain relatively unscathed in the bloodbath, so far, and I guess that makes me lucky. I am just doing my job the best that I can and trying to stay under the radar.