Saturday, November 22, 2008

Setting the Mood for the Season

We are meeting Dad and Barb in Raleigh today for a concert of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
I LOVE their Christmas music (their version of Carol of the Bells is one of my all-time favorites).
I've never seen them live before. We tried to get tickets last year, but we heard about it too late and the concert sold out....which made me sad. This year, we got tickets as soon as the dates were announced. Anyway, I am excited as you can probably tell. I am hoping to get my hands on one of their CD's that has been a little hard to find: "The Christmas Trilogy". Maybe they will sell stuff at the show....most performer's do, so....?

Anyway, this is setting the mood for the coming season. I love Christmas anyway. I know its been a hard year for a lot of people in this country, but hard times make celebrations even more important to lift your spirits. I don't care about the gifts and the expensive trappings of a commercialized holiday....but I am going to feel thankful for family and friends, for health and all of the multitudes of blessings that are ours. And I am going to celebrate like mad because it makes me happy. I may burst into song at any moment now like a bad musical. And that....would definitely make YOU unhappy (I really can't carry a tune at all....haha).

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Countdown to Turkey Day

We are going to Dad and Barb's for Thanksgiving. We are all looking forward to it, especially Stephen who missed last year's Thanksgiving with the family. Plus, we will have Hannia for the first time, too. And I think her younger brother Miguel is going to be joining us. By the way, its Miguel's birthday today. So Happy Birthday Miguel. I think he is 19. Oh, to be so young again.

Anyway, we have had some strange weather around here in Eastern NC lately. This weekend it was torrential rain, thunder, and wind (some places a bit west of here had some serious tornado action...yikes). And it was really warm and muggy. It got so sticky and uncomfortable that I finally turned the AC back on again. And then today? Today we had SNOW!!! Not any kind of accumulation at all, but we had scattered flurries, and at times, it snowed fairly hard for a few minutes, here and there. And it was pretty chilly. We had to turn off the AC and turn on the heat. Who knows what will be next??? But this is the earliest I have EVER seen snow here in this part of the state. I wonder if this is a foreshadowing of whats to come this winter. I LOVE snow, but I hate driving in it. So, I have mixed feelings about that.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My NEW favorite online store!!!

Its called Totally Goat!!! And just how cool is that????? For $700 I can even dress my husband as a goat. He is in so much trouble now......HAHAHAHA!