Friday, August 22, 2008


We've been really busy enjoying our gym membership lately. I honestly did not know whether or not I was going to like it. I was always a girlie girl. Completely not athletic, at ALL. But it turns out that this gym thing is fun. This is the LAST thing I would have ever thought I would love. But I am loving it. Our trainer said tonight that I was "exceeding his expectations".....which made me feel pretty good. But my husband....OH MY GOD....He is preening all over the place.
Scott (the trainer) mentioned that he was seeing "definition" in hubby's legs (ok, yeah, I admit that there is definitely definition showing up there), and Hubby has been walking around striking a leg pose for me every couple of minutes...HAHAHAHA!

Other stuff that is going on while I have been slacking off on the blogging scene: Dad and Barb are on a caribbean cruise right now. And there is Hurricane Gustav brewing out there somewhere around Haiti. That is making us a little bit nervous. Stay safe out there....Please!

Also, we are planning a trip to NYC this fall. We have to wrap up a few of the details, but we will be there the week of Halloween. And from what I can see, NYC has a helluva HUGE halloween celebration. There are parties and hauntings and all kinds of spooky entertainment happening all over the place. I am really excited. We are going to hit a couple of Broadway shows that week as well. I think we are going to see Monty Python's Spamalot. Mainly because I am kind of/sort of tentative about musicals. I hated Grease with a fiery passion. But Monty Python holds a special place in my heart. Monty Python's Holy Grail is one of the most hilarious movies EVER. So even if the singing/dancing gets on my nerves, I will still be held captive by the off-beat British humor. It seems like a safe bet. I also heard that Clay Aiken is rejoining the cast in September, and I would love to see him in Spamalot. We may attempt to fit another show in. Wicked looks good. But I may let Hubby pick out the second one.

One last thing that I wanted to tell you all: The other day, Hubby was checking out our shared/family email (something that he rarely does, so if you write us, chances are good I will be the one who reads it and answers.) And he said to me, very incredulously, "Barack is writing to tell me his choice of running mate." HAHA. It took me a minute to process what he was saying, but then I remembered that I had joined Barack's web site and he has been emailing us a lot lately. I think hubby was a bit disappointed to hear that Barack didn't just randomly single us out to share his news though.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I have a confession to make....I don't enjoy the Olympics. Like, at ALL! I know, I know...its like some kind of cardinal sin. But I am just not into it. I am tired of all the coverage on every channel. I don't care who wins. I don't care what country gets the most medals. You couldn't pay me enough money to make me travel to an Olympic event. I will be glad when its all over and done with. Only then I suspect that I will be force-fed politics until November. You know, I might just take a break from television altogether for a while.