Friday, February 18, 2011

Party Dog

This adorable party dog is here to wish Hannia a VERY happy Birthday today!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

You have WHAT?

One of my co-workers is sick with the flu. He went to the Dr. this morning after having been sick for most of this week. He tested positive for the actual FLU, was told to go home and go to bed, and for what ever reason came on in and worked anyway. What the heck is that all about? Its not a matter of your being a martyr, of showing your total dedication to the company in spite of the dangers to your health and well-being. Its a health hazard to the rest of us, and I do NOT appreciate that at all. Flu epidemics could be effectively nipped in the bud if people would just use a little common sense and consideration for others and stay HOME! Its highly contagious. The rest of us do NOT want it. The same goes for colds too, but at least those, while uncomfortable and unpleasant, are not as dangerous. Still...if you are running a fever, are coughing, sneezing, and spraying phlegm and mucus all over the place...PLEASE, for the love of God and all things holy just STAY! HOME!

Anyway, I was so angry to have to work next to flu man today. I avoided contact as much as I could. And just in case it does any good at all, I stopped by Rite-Aid and bought some Airborne tablets. Hopefully I won't catch anything. And if I do? While I will be tempted to SUE flu man for careless thing is for certain. I will NOT be at work spreading my plague to unsuspecting innocent bystanders. Geez. Can you tell this bothers the hell out of me? I really do think he wants a medal for his dedication and I just think its stupid and reckless.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Days like this

I had high hopes for the day. I was off of work, finally, a make up day for working Saturday. I was going to take it easy, run a few errands leisurely, and maybe catch up on laundry. It just wasn't meant to be. I found out a close friend of mine was sicker than we thought. She just had surgery, and knew she had thyroid cancer. Her Dr. informed her today that it was stage 2, which is more serious and more advanced than anybody thought. It tore my nerves to pieces. I feel so bad for her, and her family, and all of us who love her. I am going to have to pull myself together, and be strong so she won't have to look at me being all weepy and sad. We need to keep a positive outlook and I WILL do that. The news just knocked the breath out of me for a little while.

Somehow, while I was still reeling from that phone call, somebody stole my bluetooth ear bud. I was in Target, feeling flustered and distracted and took it out of my ear to ....I don't know....compose myself maybe? But somebody swiped it and even though I looked and searched, asked the front desk, and walked around with my phone on because the bluetooth was still ON and should pop up on my phone screen if I came within range of was all to no avail. Its gone. I should have been paying more attention. I am going to miss it because I use that thing every single day. I never talk on the phone while driving unless I have that. Oh was probably 4 years old. Maybe I can find another one I like just as much as I liked that one.

After that I didn't even finish the errands I intended to. I just wanted to come on home. And I did. I walked right in to find a cat (Probably Bitty, but I am speculating) had turned over a whole large bottle of liquid laundry detergent. I had failed to screw the cap back on completely and there was sticky detergent all OVER the laundry room floor. It took me forever, mopping it and going over it with a rag at least half a dozen times (maybe more) before I got all of that up. On the bright side, my laundry room floor is really REALLY clean.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Eve

We celebrated early this year since work is interfering with going out tomorrow. We saw a movie (Just Do It) and had dinner. Nothing over the top, but we wanted to pay homage to the day. The movie (with Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler) is not going to win any major awards, but it was light and funny with a sweet ending. Perfect for the holiday. It was nice to have an afternoon out just doing something fun.

I have been reading a little bit of history for Valentine's Day and although there are quite a few variations of the story, almost all of them end with St. Valentine being beheaded on February 14th. How awful is that? The version that made the most sense to me was the one depicting St. Valentine as a Roman priest during the empire of Claudius II (known as Claudius the Cruel). Marriage and engagements had been banned in Rome for a period of time because Claudius believed that he would be able to recruit more able-bodied men for his army if there were no wives and children to get in the way (clearly not thinking ahead for future generations of soldiers so besides being cruel, Claudius must have also been short-sighted). St. Valentine (not actually a saint until after his untimely death) still believed in love and was marrying couples on the sly behind the Roman government's back. He paid for it with his life. So it IS a romantic story in a way. Just with a sad ending.

But whatever you do, whether you celebrate the day or not....have a great week ahead.