Saturday, March 7, 2009


Daylight Savings Time starts tonight. Well, I guess that would technically be tomorrow morning.
The bad part is that we all lose an hour to sleep. The good news is that it will be light longer, and I always feel better then. I get more done. I don't think I would mind if we would just stay in Day Light Savings Time all year long.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Guilty Pleasures....

Ok, I confess, I watch American Idol. I KNOW its commercialized garbage. I KNOW it can be cruel for the contestants. I KNOW its pop culture at its worst. And I actually tried to NOT watch it. And I failed. I am hooked, addicted and I can't stop watching no matter how stupid it is, or bad it is, or whatever. My favorite so far is Anoop Desai, from UNC Chapel Hill. And yeah, I am fully aware that my daughter is a Duke girl, and I should probably not be supporting a UNC boy, but my Lord that boy can sing. He came out for his auditions looking all geeky in a smart kind of way. I figured he was another one of these really awkward wanna-be rockstars. And then he opened his mouth, and sang like nobody's business.

Anoop did not make the first cut. But he got called back to retry for a wildcard spot. And last night, he made it. They pretended he was cut, having filled all the seats for the final 12. And just as Anoop was about to walk off, looking really sad and disappointed, Simon Cowell, Mr. Mean himself, announced that this year they decided to have a top 13!!! I was on the verge of making the decision to never watch it again, but now that my favorite is in there I am hooked. Again.
Actually, I have 3 favorites. Anoop is in my #1 spot. But I was also impressed with Jorge Nunez, and Alexis Grace. Jorge is from Puerto Rico, and when he gets excited he completely forgets how to speak English. He did a killer rendition of "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me", and even though I had never really noticed him before, I was really impressed with how awesome he was.
So....yeah....I will clearly have to wait until maybe next year to swear off this show. Its like crack or something. I just can't stop.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I think its fixed...?

Blogger is having issues again. All of my posts disappeared from the main page. I could see it using Firefox, but not with Explorer. I have just been ignoring it and hoping that it would resolve itself. Finally I did a bit of checking and read that it is a known problem and lots of people have been having it. Blogger gave me a tip on what to try....make a blank post and save it as a draft....which should reset the cache and maybe cause my posts to show up again.
That seems to have worked. In the meantime, blogger is supposed to be working on it so it won't happen again. Hopefully. Blogger is so glitchy. I swear I am getting ready to create another blog on another site. A less hateful and problem ridden site. Does anybody know of such an animal? Anyone?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Random mundane things....

Dad came up for a visit this weekend. It rained non-stop ALL day Saturday and Sunday. Insane, crazy amounts of rain. He was forced to cut the visit short because of the impending snowstorms hitting the east coast. He left really early Sunday morning, and made it back to Danville before the snow set in. After he left, we literally spent the rest of the day lounging on the couch (kitty cuddling up with me, of course) and watching some mind-numbing tv. We have just recently started doing the Netflix thing. I think I mentioned that. The 'movies by mail' thing is cool, but the instant play movies are really good for those lazy rainy days. We watched every single episode of this bizarre 1980's British tv show called "The Day of the Triffids". Its some post-apocalyptic science fiction thing, and "Triffids" are these meat-eating plants that can walk around, kill people, and wreak some serious havoc. Very stupid, but perfectly entertaining for that dreary kind of day.

Today was colder than hell. Well, I KNOW that hell is supposed to be hot, but you was seriously cold. I am the hot-blooded, always way too warm type, so you know its cold if I am complaining about it. And it snowed all day long. No accumulation at all, but we had flurries coming down, sometimes fairly heavy. It was pretty, but I am so ready for spring now. At least a little sunshine to chase away the blues. I get tired and unmotivated when its dreary for days and days in a row. Tomorrow we are supposed to have sun again. Its going to be cold, but at least it will be sunny. That always helps.