Sunday, November 7, 2010

Demonic Forces

See this face? Don't be fooled by the cuddly sweetness. She is a demonic force wrapped in an adorable warm and fuzzy fur coat. I have never in my life seen a cat who is so hyper and prone to causing trouble. I thought Vixen was a force to be reckoned with when she was a kitten. She wasn't even CLOSE to what Itty Bitty dishes out. Vixen was an immobile cat statue compared to Bitty. We don't know what to do and are resigned to just waiting it out and hope that as she grows up it will get better.

Bitty has these moments where the urge to rampage mindlessly with no direction overwhelms her. She tears through the house at full speed, running and leaping blindly on everything, through everything, knocking things off, turning things over....nothing is safe from a Bitty rampage. I just cleaned up a cup of coffee that got knocked off the table. The drapes in my living room are torn down. Well, one side is on the floor and the other side is hanging precariously. She has torn down the curtains on several occasions. Half of the blinds in the house are damaged....Its insane.

Bitty's latest amusement is to unroll toilet paper until the roll is empty. We don't know how to stop it. I just fold it over and over in a neat little rectangle and place it on the lid of the tank. Its all I can do. Folded toilet paper is not as fascinating as rolled toilet paper. She leaves the folded stuff alone.

We have no idea what having a Christmas tree in the house is going to be like. I can imagine, but then I start to hyperventilate before the entire picture has time to fully form in my brain. We are going to may be a bare-naked tree.....she likes to chew on things, and we are afraid she might electrocute herself on the cords of the Christmas lights. The plan is to put the bare tree up for a few days and see if the thrill wears off. Then we will move forward as the situation allows. I don't expect much. Any thoughts of a glorious tree decked out with my large collection of sparkly glass ornaments and blazing lights has been knocked out of my head....probably by the falling curtain rods.....She is chewing on the blinds behind me even as I type this. Lord help us.