Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!

Have a safe and happy holiday everybody!! We are heading out of town for a couple of days, but will be back by the first of next week. Stephen and Hannia have graciously agreed to take care of the dogs while we are gone. I hope that goes well, because we are hoping to employ their services again this fall for an extended 2 weeks vacation. Maybe the dogs will behave...?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sweet Dreams....Or Not....?

I have been having these reoccurring dreams lately. Not the same dream, but the same theme over and over again. I am late for something, or have forgotten something really important. Like a couple of nights ago I dreamed I was at the beach having a really good time. I was having so much fun that I apparently lost track of time. I was thinking that it was Wednesday, and I still had the rest of the week to lounge on the beach. Only it turned out to be Wednesday of the NEXT week, and I was still vacationing oblivious to the fact that I should have been back to work 3 days ago. I was horrified. How do you explain that one to management??? I KNOW that most vacation rental agreements would make accidentally overstaying virtually impossible, but was unsettling.

And last night, I was back in high school again. And I knew I had to take a really important exam. An exam that would determine if I could graduate or have to repeat my whole senior year again. But then a whole string of random things kept happening to keep me from getting to school...I couldn't find my car keys. I got lost while driving. I finally got there only to remember that the exam was being held in a completely different location......How frustrating!!!

Anyway, I just wonder what dreams like these mean. I'm not really having any kind of stress in my life right now. In fact, things are calmer than usual. No problems at work, no problems at home. Finances are stable. Everyone is healthy and happy. Whats the deal? Could it be that my mind invents stress when none is currently available during waking hours? LOL! It does make for some unrestful sleep. Oh, I sleep. Insomnia is not really in my vocabulary. If there is anything that I do particularly well its sleep. I'm an exceptionally talented sleeper. But lately I seem to be waking up tired. Its hard to feel rested when you spend all night struggling against unfortunate circumstances. Oh well, maybe tonight will be sweet dreams.

Monday, June 30, 2008

I made flan!!!!

Yesterday, I made flan for the very first time. And it was GOOD...much to my surprise and delight. Surprised only because not every thing that I try turns out right the first time. Or the second, or the third...etc. Some things NEVER turn out just right for me. But flan is obviously my friend. I had it for the first time ever back in March. On Easter, I think. And I thought it was the best thing ever. So rich and creamy! And it wasn't all that hard to make either which was nice. Of course, I will have to restrain myself from making too often because....well....I'm sure it has at least a gazillion calories per serving, and I don't think it would come out all that well if you attempted to lower the fat or sugar in it. I think this is the 'real deal' kind of dessert that you can only indulge in every once in a great while.

Also? We are in a drought down here in the southeast. It hasn't rained around these parts since I can't remember when. Our lawn, which is HUGE, is almost completely dead right now. We won't water it, because that would be such a waste when supply is low. We haven't needed to cut grass in a couple of weeks now, and somehow.....somehow that part of the equation has been kind of nice. We usually spend every spare moment trying to battle the lawn during the summer. This year not so much. Its ugly out there but at least our lawnmowers are catching a break.

Anyway, Monday is over and done with (yay!). And its a short week with the holiday on Friday, so thats good news, too. Maybe the short week will stop my husband from being so grumpy. He woke up with all kinds of complaints this morning. Apparently, I was sleeping way too far on HIS side of the bed. Its a king-sized bed, and he swears he only had a scant 6 inches of space last night. I have NO idea what he is talking about. I was perfectly comfortable and I slept like a baby...haha. And then he got into the shower and discovered that I used HIS razor to shave my legs. Um, well, I did it because he had the newest, sharpest blade. Apparently, I am encroaching all OVER his personal space these days. All I can say is that he better stop his complaining or I won't share the flan with him! LOL.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


I worked this weekend (Saturday) on my day off because a long-time friend/co-worker told us all at work on Thursday that her husband was having to have heart surgery on Friday morning to clear some blockages. Yikes! That sounded really scary, and she was supposed to work on Saturday, so I had no problem covering for her. I mean, I would HOPE that somebody would have the decency to cover for me if a member of my family was having some serious surgery.
She was supposed to call me and let me know how things went on Friday. So I waited and waited and finally got concerned and sent her a text message to see what was going on. The text reply said that they did some tests and sent him home....? Very weird since she had been all dramatic about the impending surgery the day before.

Another friend/co-worker had been suspicious from the beginning, so she called the hospital. No record of said Drama Queen's husband having been there at ALL. Not for tests, not for surgery...nothing. So she called several other hospitals in neighboring counties just to check and be sure. Nothing. Nada. So, I mistakenly thought that well....thats good news. Everything must be ok, and most likely she would call me and tell me that it was not necessary to cover for her on Saturday. WRONG!!! She never called.

Then, she sent a text on Saturday morning to the same woman who had called the hospitals, saying that they just had to call 911 for her husband. !!??!! She didn't realize that this woman was sitting at her mother's house which is just a few doors down from Drama Queen's house AND that the mother is addicted to her police scanner that lets her know everything that goes on up there in that small town. No record AT ALL of a 911 ambulance call, ambulance in evidence at said residence. Does this sound suspicious at all? Is she lying just to get time off?

I can't say that I am really pissed off about it, IF she was making up this kind of a sad tall tale just to take some time off. But what I am is sad. We have been friends for 10-12 years. If she wanted the weekend off, I would have gladly worked for her if she had just asked me. I well remember the days when I was low enough on the senority totem pole to have to work most weekends, and now...I don't mind stepping up and helping someone out if they have plans. No lies or drama necessary.

I don't know. I suppose that its possible that there really was some emergency going on and we just misunderstood...? I'm leaning in that direction because honestly? I do NOT like thinking the worst of people. She is supposed to be back at work tomorrow, and I am not sure what to say to her. I guess it would look weird if I didn't at least ask how her husband is doing. I'm just not sure if I can believe anything that she says. Very strange.......