Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Parkers Saga

So, Erica is on her way home right this minute. At first she told me she might not be able to leave before 5:00, but she got out around 2:30. Which means she will be home in time for dinner. I talked to her a little and we decided to have Parkers. Parkers is a barbecue place that serves some locally famous pork barbecue with some really amazing corn sticks (fried corn bread) and excellent cole slaw. My husband and I are just so so about it. We never eat there unless we have family visiting. But when the family comes down, most of them want to eat at least one meal at Parkers.

Anyway, my daughter doesn't love the barbecue. But she is all about the corn sticks and slaw. She can sit down and make a meal out of just that. With a little brunswick stew on the side, of course. So after I left work this afternoon I ran by Parkers to pick up the standard fare: 1 pint of barbecue, 2 quarts of slaw, 1 quart of brunswick stew, and 4 dozen corn sticks. I skipped the potatoes, and only got a little of the barbecue because I know what we all will eat. But anyway....I drove all the way home in really aggravating traffic, so happy to finally be home for my long weekend. I got home, headed for the kitchen and opened the huge bag of food to check it out....Damn it.

Here's what I found: 1 pint of barbecue (ok, got that right), 3 quarts of brunswick stew (WTH?), 4 dozen hushpuppies (again...WTH?) and NO slaw. At ALL. And noone around here will eat any of that stuff with out generous helpings of the slaw. (Insert weary sigh HERE). I was so mad. But because I love my daughter, and because I only want her to be happy...I grudgingly got back in my car and headed back to Parkers ONE MORE TIME. I decided not to exchange the 4 billion quarts of brunswick stew. It freezes well, so I am just going to send it home with Erica. I ordered ONLY slaw and corn sticks this time around. And I made sure to check my order before I left the building. That part was MY mistake. I have never gotten a wrong order at Parkers, so I didn't even bother to check. I was tired, so sue me.
But the fact of the matter is that I have brunswick stew and hushpuppies coming out my ears. Anybody wanna drop on by for dinner tonight? LOL.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nothing much going on

I've got nothing in particular going on today. I have been a little bit disturbed by the fact that its already a toasty 90 degrees here for the past couple of days. Are you serious? Its not even May yet. I have a sinking feeling that its going to be a loooonnnnngggg hot summer. I HATE summer. With a passion. Just thinking about it makes me sad. Maybe I just need to remember that our pool opens up in mid-May, and that will be a nice distraction from the oppressive heat.

We are awaiting word at work as to whether or not our office will consolidate and everybody will move into the other office here in town. The annex. Keep your finger's crossed for me that it won't happen. The annex is not really that much further away, but the drive is a lot more tedious. I have to head down Arlington Blvd. which wouldn't be all that bad, except that there is a train crossing there. Not just a crossing, but a point where the trains hook up or unhook cars. This involves a long process of creeping forward, slowly moving backwards over and over again, while traffic piles up on both sides just waiting to get through. I never really understood why the trains have to do that right there. Its the main thoroughfare right through the middle of town, the main cut through to the doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I can't tell you how many times I have gotten caught there for 20 minutes or more. Maybe I can figure out another way to get around that point IF it happens that we are forced to move. It would be a case of driving around your ass to get to your thumb, or whatever. But if it avoids the long sitting and waiting at the train crossing, I guess its worth it. Maybe it won't even be an issue. Hopefully they will decide that its too expensive to move all of us. That there isn't enough room at the annex. Or that it will be far too inconvenient for Rebecca to force us to do that....yeah right. Not even in my wildest dreams would concern for what I want come into play...LOL.

Anyway, have a good rest of the week, and a lovely weekend. My daughter will be here tomorrow evening for a long weekend at home, and that is something I am really looking forward to. We are celebrating her birthday Friday evening at Chef's 505, which should be really nice. She is going to be in Philly for a conference for her actual birthday, so we have to celebrate while we can......

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where can they be?

Here kitty, kitty! Where can they be? Are they hiding again? Why can't I find them....hee hee. This is one of the kitties' favorite "hiding" spots. Somehow they think we can't see them behind the sheer curtain. You can clearly see the silhouette of Vixen's head, but Omen's tail is visible, too. At least she got mostly behind the real curtain...a much better hiding place. It makes me laugh.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Too tired to think

I am too tired to even think straight tonight. So I am blogging in pictures instead. About one of my favorite subjects: Shoes!! Second only to handbags. This first shoe I dedicate to my sister and her fear of spiders:

The next pair of shoes definitely have to go to Lori....enjoy!

Nothing like a comfy pair of fuzzy slippers, right?

I personally want this next pair. They are cute in a weird kind of way:

And my last weird find is up for grabs. The heel is interesting to say the least.
Who wants to try these on? I think that your toes might get cold though.....

Anyway, thats all I got for today. Erica is coming home this weekend, and I am really looking forward to that. There will be shopping and eating out and other kinds of girly fun, I'm sure. Its only 2 weeks from her birthday, and since she is going to be in Philly for a conference then, we will have to celebrate while we can.
I'm thinking a birthday dinner at Chef's 505 might be in order. I know she gets tired of hearing how much we love it there and she hasn't tried it yet.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


We spent most of today at our friends' house (Chris and Jessica). They live down on the waterfront of the Pamlico river, and it really is beautiful down there. This is the view they have from their porch:

Our friend, Jeff, from Seattle was here for the weekend, so we got to see him, too. He was unfortunately here for a funeral (he was friends with the man who died in that tragic motorcycle accident here on highway sad). But it was nice to see him even if the circumstances of his trip to this side of the country were not all that wonderful.

It was really cool to spend the day out on the waterfront, drinking (a little), eating (a LOT), and talking and catching up. We really just don't get to see Chris and Jessica that often. The drive to get there is about an hour. And while that might not seem like much, we are all trying to work, and weekends seem to get eaten up with home maintenance, yard work, and all that kind of stuff. Blech. Plus, we all have a houseful of pets. That is one of the best parts of hanging out with Chris and Jessica though. They have dogs and cats running all over their house, so they don't even blink an eye at having to step over piles of sleeping dogs, or kitties trying to steal food off your plate at our place. That makes it nice. Pet lovers gravitate to other animal lovers, I think. But the pet thing can make things tricky for getting away. We got Stephen to drop by and let the dogs out at least once over the course of the day, so....yeah. Its hard. Oh, and you have to factor in that Chris works in Wilson, which is quite a big commute for him. Every day! I don't know how he does it. He drives about 180 miles round trip on a daily basis.

We had a storm come through this area a few weeks ago that damaged their bulkhead. From the porch we could see the damage, and that a big chunk of the yard had disappeared into the river. But we had NO idea just how big the hole actually was. It was an optical illusion. From our view, it appeared to be deep, but maybe only about 5 feet wide. When we walked out there to see it up close, we were all amazed at just how large a chunk of earth was missing. It was more like about 20 feet in width. They are in the process of having the bulkhead repaired right now. But then there is going to have to be a huge amount of dirt brought in to fill in that hole.


I don't envy the expense of that at ALL! But it was a good day, and we wish Jeff safe travels as he flies back home to Washington (state) tomorrow.