Thursday, February 25, 2010


I was really sorry to hear about the woman who was killed by the Orca this week at Sea World. It was so unfortunate. But I am getting my dander up by the people who are calling for this whale to be exterminated. It's a wild animal. It is called a
"killer whale". And it never asked to be kept in a swimming pool where it is forced to perform for the thousands of gawkers who parade through Sea World every year. I have some strong feelings about animals in captivity. I know that zoos and aquariums are entertaining, fascinating and educational. I am guilty of visiting them myself. But it always elicits a sense sadness for me....the animals are so beautiful and we have them in jail for our pleasure. There is just something so wrong about that. And to kill an animal because it did something that is a natural behavior for it? Its unthinkable. If you play with fire, you know there is a chance that you might get burned. I hope they will decide to release this whale into the ocean. It might not survive after having been "domesticated" in captivity, but at least it would have a fighting chance.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Adult content.....maybe?

The alarm went off this morning at the usual unGodly time of 6:20am. And yeah, I realize that some of you get up way before that, but its just about as early as I can stand. I stumbled out of my nice warm bed and struggled to find the shut off switch on our alarm clock. My husband stretched slowly and said, "Mmmmmm, I don't want to wake up. I was having the BEST dream!" Well, okay then. I was hesitant to ask.....

"Yeah", he said. "It was all about food! I was someplace where I was surrounded by all kinds of yummy food! There was a flan that was at least 2 feet in diameter. A huge 2 foot FLAN!"

Oh my sweet Lord, it made me laugh. I was thinking it was....well, you KNOW what I was thinking it was. I don't need to spell it out. But it was FLAN, ya'll. And that has made me smile everytime that I think about it ALL day long. LOL!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Why do women do that?

I have a friend who is married to a "not very nice" man. He is overbearing, controlling, and has had about as many affairs as Tiger Woods. No exaggeration. She knows about them, too. But for whatever reason, she chooses to stay with him and be miserable. I really think she is completely afraid of being alone, even though she is smart, competent, and would be so much happier if she didn't have his bad behavior continually dragging her down. Its hard, you know? I mean I KNOW its hard on her, but its hard for me too. When she is upset about his latest (fill in the blank...affair, binge, gambling spree...etc) she confides in me and tells me all of his sins that have rendered her in tears for the gazillionth time. But then, after he comes to his senses and realizes that she "might" actually leave him (she basically supports him, as he prefers to work only on rare occasions so he has free time to pursue his long string of hobbies) he comes back, apologizing profusely, buying her flowers (with HER bank account more often than not), and promising that he will never stray again and is ready to clean his act up. She falls for it. EVERY SINGLE TIME! And then somehow, even though she has told me all of these things that are absolutely unforgivable, I am supposed to act like nothing happened, and like he is the world's nicest guy because she wants to believe that its true. It makes me want to vomit. Seriously.

Sometimes I consider backing off from being her friend. I can't take it, watching her suffer time and time again, and then pretending that everything is fine and dandy once he offers the apology. I can't change her mind. She pretends to listen to me, and agree that she is at the end of her patience....but then....she just can't bring herself to break free and figure out how to be a happy SINGLE woman.
I don't get it. I really, really, REALLY do NOT get it at all. And in a sense, she needs me. Without someone to tell these things to, she is all alone with her misery.
But venting and putting the burden of knowing what the situation is like on me...its really wearing me down. If I could hog tie her and drag her off someplace for about a month or so, maybe I could break her of his evil spell. But until then....???
I just wish women could wake up to the fact that its the 21st century. Women can be self-sufficient and independent. Its not a detriment to NOT have a man. And unless you can find a GOOD man, being single is the absolute best thing that you can be. It kills me how many women put up with so much crap, and then talk themselves into believing that its ok.

I used to listen to this radio talk show psychologist, Dr. Joye Brown. She might still be on the air, but her program changed times, and somehow I lost track. But she always gave out this little pearl of wisdom to women who weren't sure if they should stay in their current relationship: Imagine that you won the lottery tomorrow. You could have anything, do anything, and go anywhere that you wanted.
Can you imagine having your partner with you while you enjoy your unlimited bounty? Or would you feel secure enough to walk away, knowing that you didn't need him anymore? If you would walk, then don't wait on the lottery win to do it. It is NOT worth it.

For the record, this has NOTHING to do with my husband, who is absolutely perfect in every single way (he reads this occasionally...LOL). I would definitely take him with me to enjoy the spoils of my win. And after we traveled the world over, we would come back and set up a foundation to save homeless animals. And after that....? I may set out on a worldwide crusade to educate and encourage women to believe in themselves.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

False Alarm

Bruce took my laptop apart, and cleaned out/readjusted the wireless switch and miraculously it works again! Yay Bruce!!! I have a computer again. I am so grateful. He had switched out the wireless card, and that didn't help it. We were about to assume the motherboard had gone bad and start shopping. I'm so glad it didn't come to that.

And we had a good weekend. We took Delaney out for lunch and shopping yesterday while Calvin had the misfortune to go to a funeral. And everybody got a chance to play our new wii game "Mario Kart". I have yet to play it, but from the reaction it seems like fun. I will eventually get around to trying it.

I talked to Stephen today, and his conference/presentation was successful. I know he is glad that it's over because it was taking an enormous amount of his time. But it went well and that is awesome.

We have heat again, but still no roof. I think Bruce is going to call those guys tomorrow and see what is going on. Maybe one day soon....?

All in all it was a good weekend, the weather was really nice, and things are getting straightened out after our long bout of mishaps and catastrophes. I told Jeanne that it is probably a good thing that we gave away our goats, because if any more unfortunate incidents were to happen to us, I might resort to animal sacrifice to try and break the streak of bad luck....LOL. Of course, there are always the dogs.....hmmmmmm. The kitties are exempt from being sacrificial offerings due to their insane amount of cuteness. But if those dogs wake me up early on my weekends one more time...well....who knows.