Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Kittens at 3 weeks

We are calling this one S.J. (Sam Junior), because his markings are identical to his mother's right down to the little white feet. We think this is the only boy in the litter. Of course we aren't completely sure because apparently its kind of hard to tell when they are very young. Their first trip to the vet is on Monday, so hopefully she can let us know if we were right. But anyway, S.J. is very sweet and very shy. He is much more hesitant than the rest of the litter when it comes to exploring, but he is slowly getting more confident.

We call this one Hoss. Mainly because she is the most aggressive when its feeding time. She will push all of the other kittens out of her way for food. Besides that she is really friendly and outgoing. We have stuffed towels under and behind this dresser to keep the kittens from getting underneath it, but Hoss just can NOT leave it alone. I am sure our feeble attempts will fail soon.

This one is the calico. Delaney has named her Felix, even though we are pretty sure she is a girl. The name has stuck. Felix is a real pistol. She is the most active and playful, and is still going even when the rest of the litter wants to take a nap.
She knows no fear when it comes to venturing out and about to see whats going on. If I were forced to pick a favorite.....Felix would be a strong contender. She just such a little fuzzy ball of energy and curiosity.

Casey named this one Charlotte. Charlotte is the baby of the litter and also the most vocal. Mama kitty, Sam, has turned out to be a really vocal cat, "talking" to us all of the time, so I guess baby comes by that naturally. She also has the most interesting markings. She is a light gray, with some darker gray stripes...but those lighter patches that we THOUGHT were white, are turning out to be patches of yellow tabby stripes. Its the oddest mixture of markings that I think I have ever seen on a cat before. She is a little bit shy, like S.J., but will come out of her shell once she sees the others playing.

So there you go. The enormous amount of cuteness in my house is awesome. LOL. They are walking, and playing, and growing bigger every day. I tried to feed them some canned kitten food this evening for the first time. It didn't go over well, and they had zero interest in it. I thought that surely Hoss would take to it right away. I guess its still just a little too soon and I will try it again in a few more days. I was hoping to give poor Mama Kitty a break. She is such a tiny little thing and these kittens are getting so big that I don't see how in the world she can nurse them enough. But they seem happy and content and have fat little bellies, so apparently she is able to take care of it.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The week-end

Jeanne, Calvin and the girls came up this weekend and we had a really good time. We spent Saturday afternoon shopping. Delaney found an ECU collar and leash for her dog Charlie. Casey got some ECU flip flops. And then of course, we also hit up Target. You can't technically shop without making a stop at Target, can you? What did we do before there was a Target? I shudder to think.....

Afterwards, we all went out for dinner at Olive Garden. Stephen and Hannia joined us. And our big party of 8 was a little loud, and a little rowdy (there was some alcohol involved, of course), so they stuck us in a little private alcove away from everybody else. LOL. It was probably for the best. But the food was good,the company was good and we had a fabulous time.

We came home to spend some quality time with the kittens. This is the first time we have really taken them out of their box and let them crawl around on the floor because it upsets Mama kitty to have her babies out of their bed. But she calmed down and let us all play with them for a while. They are so cute and are starting to be able to get around more and more. I may try feeding them a little solid food by next weekend. They will be 3 weeks old then. The vet said we can try, but it may be hit or miss until they are more like 4 weeks. But they are so fat and pretty and ahead of schedule that it might give poor Mama a break if they could eat a little on their own. We will try it and see.

Today, we were all pretty much lazy, and the Overcash clan left to go back home around lunch time. The girls have 2 more days of school and then the summer begins.
It makes me jealous. I don't get a summer break like that anymore. How sad.....