Thursday, July 30, 2009

A VERY Early Happy Birthday

Since we are leaving for Erica's just as soon as we can get off work tomorrow, and since we will be gone for the whole weekend, I figured I better wish Bruce a very Happy Birthday early. Hopefully he will have a good one. We've got lots of fun stuff planned.

And its our anniversary, too. We got married on his 20th birthday, so we have got lots of celebrating to do this weekend.....Have a good one everybody. I will be back next week!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It's hot. I am tired of summer...and I am being a slacker. I am having trouble getting motivated to do, well, almost anything right now. I always get the urge to hibernate around this time of the year. Just let me curl up in a cool dark room and sleep until cooler, drier weather comes again. If I only could......

Anyway, everything is good, just busy. We had another "Girl's Night Out" last night.
We have added a new girl, and I think that is going to work out just fine. We are being really picky about who we invite to join us. Not because we want to feel all snotty and exclusive, but we all work together, and seriously there are a lot of negative people, hateful people and drama queens that we would NOT care to spend more time with outside of the office. We are only recruiting nice people, funny people (and by people I mean women, since this IS a girl thing), and people who have sense enough to be able to get along. We have such a good time, and I really do look forward to it.

This weekend is our anniversary (27 years!!!) and Bruce's birthday (?? years...haha).
We are heading up to see our daughter in Va. for a weekend of fun. On Saturday we have a tubing trip scheduled on the James River. I have been white-water rafting, but never tubing. I do know that this includes an extra tube for the beer cooler, so I have a feeling its a little bit more relaxing than battling rapids. I can't wait to do this.

On Sunday (the actual birthday/anniversary) we have reservations at some really fancy schmanzy place for brunch. Its supposed to be excellent ala "Court of 2 Sisters" (for anyone who loves that champagne jazz brunch in New Orleans as much as I do). I know our kids tried to get in to have Easter brunch there but it was all booked up. So Erica made these reservations a few weeks ago, as soon as we confirmed our plans to be up there for our anniversary. Afterwards on Sunday afternoon there will be a hiking trip. Bruce and Erica wanted to do this 7-8 mile trail that included a large section of a "rock scramble". I took one look at the details of this particular trail and said no way. Not for me. They can if they want to, but there is no way in hell I will ever survive it. Not in this heat. Probably not anytime, but especially not this time of the year. So...there will be hiking, but we haven't actually decided on a specific trail yet. Hopefully I will survive...LOL.

But it will be fun. I love the area that Erica lives in. Like really LOVE it. I could so totally live there except for one thing....I wouldn't have a job. That one tiny little detail has thwarted my plans to move every single time I decide that I want to live someplace else....Damn it. One day, though....I swear it. I don't know where, and I really don't know when....but I will move out of this hot humid place.