Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On turning 47

I will be 47 tomorrow. And seriously? I have no hang ups about age, so I don't mind saying it. It is what it is. I never got the whole lying about your age thing. My mother was the queen of that. I find it both amusing and somewhat sad that I never knew how old she was until she died. She never would tell. Not even her own flesh and blood. Is that weird?

I took tomorrow off work. I wish I could say that it was to celebrate but the reality is that it is going to be round 2 of the root canal (insert scary music here...LOL). Oh well. I am reserving this weekend for celebrations and cake, so a silly ol' root canal is NOT going to spoil my fun.

I wish I had words of wisdom to share from my 47 years of life experience. The only thing I can say with certainty is this: try to go for MORE fun and LESS worry. Things happen exactly the way that they were meant to, and wasting time worrying about it doesn't change a thing. It just makes you miserable. There is more than enough misery in the world without any of us adding to it, so....yeah. There you have it.