Saturday, March 29, 2008

Random things...

Barb pointed out that I haven't blogged in a few days. Things just got a little busy. Plus, my all week-end shopping trip this past week followed by having to rush directly back to work kind of wore me out a little. Not bad...but I confess to having come home after work and taken a nap a few times. Hehe. Or maybe its just spring fever, because it has been sort of warm here for the past few days. Who knows? But the point is that everything is just fine and dandy, I've just been lazy. And napping. And napping makes me happy, so its all good.

Anyway, Greg, Lori and the girls on are the way for a quickie visit today. They are driving down from Williamsburg. The last we heard they were going to be taking the route that goes by ferry.
And that is actually kind of fun and pretty, but.....its really chilly, cloudy and threatening rain around here right now. I have frozen my body parts off on that ferry before. So....I hope they are all bundled up.

One other thing that I meant to say: I have this friend at work. One that I love dearly and one that I talk to, text message, etc. several times a day. Every day. She has this saying that makes me laugh every single time that she says it. Just like I'm hearing it for the first time. I dunno, I'm blonde and I guess that makes me easily amused...? But everytime our hateful and incompetent management (there is a collective group of evil) starts to get on her nerves (which would seriously be like every 6.4 seconds), and she feels her blood starting to boil (we all are taking blood pressure meds around that place) she says, "They are getting ready to see a show!"
Hahaha....Ok, so in all honesty, I have never seen this "show" that she is always threatening. She is generally well-behaved and professional. But the thought of her pulling out all the stops and putting on this "show" just makes me laugh. If the day comes that she gives them the show that they all deserve, I just hope I am there to see it. Its going to be spectacular.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I'm Home Again

I'm back home. I had a good time with Erica. Our shopping trip wasn't quite what I envisioned, but it was fun. I had somehow imagined being surrounded by so much stuff to choose from that we would spend enormous amounts of time just trying to decide what to purchase. And that just didn't happen. It was way more like enormous amounts of time just trying to find something that fit or wasn't ugly or whore-like or whatever. We both tried on a million dresses in Richmond in Nordstroms, Macys, name it. And we both ended up finding something that we liked at the Belk in Charlottesville at about 8:30 last night. We shopped from 10:30 am until almost 9 pm. Whew....

Anyway, we found what we really needed, but didn't come home with the armloads of stuff that I wanted. I don't know what it was, but so much of the stuff just didn't suit us. There were alot of busy, loud 60's inspired prints that really turned us off. Or dresses with old lady jackets over them. There was some really ugly stuff out there. Maybe it was just our mood? We were happy to be shopping, but we even found a huge DSW shoe warehouse, and we wandered those aisles up and down just trying to want something. Anything. But we walked out with nothing.
Everything was either ugly, or I already owned something similar. Weird. Oh well.

There was one high point for me though. We set out on a quest to find an Olive Garden for lunch. Erica doesn't have one in Charlottesville, so.....she wanted to find one. Which we did.
And the Chicken Fontina that I had was excellent. But our waiter....he was the REAL treasure.
When we were done, he asked if that would be on separate checks. Erica said "NO!" so quickly that it made me laugh, and I felt the need to explain to the guy that I was the Mom, so of course I would be paying. He looked at me and said with sincerity (ok, its possible that this was fake sincerity, but its MY story dammit....), "Oh, I really thought you were sisters." Hahaha....let me state for the record that Mr. Sincere Waiter Guy got a nice tip. I think I love him.

And then today, right before I left, we went out for lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. We had trouble finding something open on Easter, actually. This place was not serving their usual menu, but were having a brunch buffet. Oh My God!!! It was excellent. The best part was the dessert. They had a caramel flan. I have never had flan. But it was the yummiest creamy goodness that I have ever tasted. I have to try to learn to make this. Seriously! There was also some kind of mexican omlette that was really good, too. But honestly? If I had known how much I was going to love the flan, I might have foregone all of the "real" food and just had dessert. hahaha. Its kind of funny really, because "Flan" doesn't really sound all that appetizing.
I probably would never order it just based on the way the word sounds. Its way too close to "phlegm" somehow. It really should be called something else. Something more like....I dunno....
"euphoria", or "rapture" or something.

This is one of Nordstrom's spring offerings. Please for the love of God, JUST SAY NO!!!! And whats up with that model's hair??????