Saturday, March 1, 2008

This Creeps me Out!!!!

Old Navy Employee Busted for Felonious Peeping

"My Town", NC—An employee of the "My Town" Old Navy store has been arrested for being a "peeping Tom" after police said that he secretly videotaped and photographed women in the store's dressing room. Calvin Lee Johnson Jr. 31, of "NOT My Town", has been charged with 115 counts of felonious secret peeping after an investigation which began Valentine's Day when a woman reported seeing someone trying to take photos under the door of the dressing room which she was using.Johnson was initially charged with one count of peeping but additional charges were filed following an investigation which found digital images of 53 different women on Johnson's computer. He is being held on $110,000 bail. The women are unidentified and police said that in all instances, the women can't be identified from the images and their faces are not visible.Police said that Johnson pointed an miniature digital video recorder underneath stall doors. Johnson had been assigned to escort women to the dressing area. He has been fired. 3-01-08

That is so incredibly creepy! Especially since I SHOP at this place...this very store in MY TOWN! And the worst part is that I totally remember this guy. His picture was all over our local news. It makes me not want to go back there, even though I know he is gone now. But Old Navy has a particular fit/style of jean that keeps me going back. Its a mid-rise jean, low enough to be semi-cool (as in NOT a high-waisted Granny jean), but not so low that it shows your underwear. Unless of course you are wearing some seriously high-waisted Granny panties, cuz if you are, then I honestly can't help you. Also? Their regular inseam is 32" which means I don't have to scrounge and scrape to try and find a few pathetic pairs in an elusive "Tall". So many brands and stores carry a 29-30" inseam pant/jean as their "regular" size, and that just looks like a badly fitted crop pant on me. Talbots, and Coldwater Creek are two stores in particular that I really LIKE their clothes, but can only buy tops, jackets, and dresses except for a very few pants that they carry in a tall length long enough for my legs. Oh so sad, but oh so true.

And another thing that makes me daughter always shops at Old Navy with me whenever she comes home for a visit. She also likes the fit of certain styles of their jeans.....
We were discussing this pervert guy on the phone today, and were trying to count the number of times either of us has been in those dressing rooms. Geez! It would totally piss me off to find out I was being violated like that. But to think that my daughter had been spied on would make me enraged to the point of not being able to see straight. Maybe its best not to know........

Happy March, Everybody....

The cute kitty is welcoming in March...a brand new month, the fast track to spring. Oh, and also kitty is saying Happy Birthday to my sister today. I won't spill the details of her age and get all personal. But March 1st is her birthday, which makes her Pisces, and kitties love fish. Haha.

So, yesterday was February 29th. Leap year. My inbox was bombarded with sales pitches from all of my favorite shopping spots. Every single one of them artfully, cleverly worked the word "Leap" into them. "Leap into Savings"..."Our sales will make you LEAP". None of it was very original, but I found it amusing somehow. It didn't make me LEAP up to shop though. I don't think I bought anything at all yesterday. Oh wait...I did actually LEAP to the gas pumps, but that was a necessary purchase, and I don't think they litter my email inbox with advertisements.

I was wondering about people who were actually born on Feb. 29th. Do they only celebrate their birthday on Leap Year? Because that sounds like they got the really short end of the stick there. Does anyone know of anybody who has that birthday? Or maybe...if it were ME....I would celebrate it on Feb. 28th AND March 1st on those off years. Make the most of it. Oh hell, maybe drag it out for a full week or something.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Things that get all OVER my nerves....

I just feel the need to vent. Sometimes stuff just gets on my nerves. Things (in no particular order) like:

* People who use "your" when they really mean "you're". I mean, come on, it doesn't take a fancy degree in grammar to know the difference. We all SHOULD have learned this lesson by 3rd grade. "You're" is a contraction for "You Are". "Your" is a possessive pronoun. It denotes ownership. Its not rocket science.

* Nail biting. Especially if the offensive nibbler makes crunching noises when chewing off their finger nails. Ewwww!

* Websites with embedded sound. I keep the sound muted on my computer just because of this junk. I really really dislike opening a page and being bombarded by obnoxious music. Or even good music. I just hate having stuff like that forced on me.

* People who get up to the checker in a long check out line and suddenly remember that they forgot something. And then proceed to take forever to go retrieve the forgotten item while everybody else just has to stand there and wait. There should be a law that by the time the check out person has scanned in that first item, no more foraging for further purchases is allowed. Punishable by death. Well, ok, maybe NOT that stringent. Public stoning would probably suffice.

* Related somewhat to the above.....I get instantly enraged by people who ignore the fact that they are in an express lane and push right up to the counter with a cart load of crap.

* People who can't seem to comprehend traffic signs. Seriously. I work downtown, and I have to maneuver through a maze of one-way streets to get to my office. I run into people driving the WRONG WAY on a ONE-way street on average of about 2 times a week. Coming at me head on.
And its been like that downtown since like forever. And its posted clearly with one-way street signs all over the place. I don't get it.....

* Those little cardboard postcard thingies stuffed into magazines. HATE them!!!!

* People who drag little kids to the theatre for completely inappropriate films. Here's a newsflash: HIRE a BABYSITTER!

* "To Be Continued" shows. I'm impatient. I don't want to have to wait.

* Bad table manners. Especially the smackers.

* Offspring of mine who haven't read the horror classics of "Dracula" , and "Frankenstein".
Gasp!!! WTH???

* Long waits in Dr.s offices, generally accompanied by a brief check with the nurse, followed by yet another eternity of waiting in the exam room.

* People who whine and complain about stuff that gets on their nerves. Like I am doing now.
I just got ALL over my own nerves. And honestly? I do that quite often....HAHA.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ugly Dresses....

So, I have been having much angst about what to wear to my son's wedding. I have decided against the blue dress, and am still searching. I will find it, its out there....I just know it. In the meantime, to make me feel a little better Hannia sent me the link to this site:

If you happen to have a few minutes of spare time, check it out. Its hilarious. And somewhat scary. And I have enjoyed browsing through all of it, so thanks Hannia. It has kept me amused this rainy old afternoon.

Just to give you a quick preview, how's this for a bridesmaid's worst nightmare?

Also? I kind of sort of want Hannia to wear THESE at the wedding. Nothing says class and style like some wedding flip flops. And you IS going to be at the beach, so I think its totally
appropriate. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Never ending cold...

I have a cold. It comes and goes in some bizarre kind of way. I feel almost fine one day, and then like crap the next. Today happens to be a crappy day. This has been going on for over a week now. My husband had it the week before.....and it was the same thing....on again, off again.
Gah! I'm tired of this. Leave me alone already!!!

Yesterday we had a formal meeting of my son's future in-laws, Ruth and Rodrigo. We had a nice lunch at Olive Garden. For some reason, I was totally nervous beforehand. I don't know why.
Maybe it was my son's reiterating of things that should NOT be talked about....haha. Politics, religion, magic goats, etc. I think I did ok. The kids seemed fine afterwards, so nobody died of embarrassment or anything. Luckily Rodrigo is an excellent conversationalist. He kept us all talking and laughing, and there was never really any awkward silence. Which was what I was most worried about. When I get nervous my mind goes completely blank. Oh hell, who am I mind can go blank at any time whether I am nervous or not...hahahahaha.