Saturday, January 21, 2012

Precious Weekends

I have been playing around with the template again. I just can't get exactly what I want. I may explore blogger's new templates and try to customize something. I am not so good with html code, so it takes a lot of trial and error for me. Which means it is time consuming. But maybe I will eventually get it like I want it. Until then, I guess the snowman remains. I attempted a few templates with a Valentine theme, but it never came out quite right.

Anyway, we have been really busy this week with a sick cat to nurse back to health. There is improvement, though, so we are hopeful. It has been like having a baby in the house. Even Erica finally sent me email asking if we were still "alive", since I hadn't had time to bug her on Skype lately. LOL. We are having a quiet weekend. Its semi-rainy (although incredibly warm for January), and we just want to hang close to home and take care of kitty.

I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend. When you work, weekends are extremely precious.......There never seems to be enough of them to go around.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


You know those weird, extremely vivid dreams that feel sooo real? I was in the middle of one of those when I woke up this morning. Bruce and I had bought a condo at the beach. It was on a peninsula, so we had ocean views out of the front and the back. The front was total sandy beach, but the back was strangely just grass right up to the water, more like a lake. The condo was kind of old inside. A great porch with fantastic views, but the inside was going to need a major overhaul.

The part that was so real was my Mom. She was visiting (my Mother passed away almost 8 years ago). We were going through room by room (it was a small 2 bedroom so not so many rooms) with ideas and paint colors. I remember that the kitchen appliances were really cheap and old and we decided that would be the first thing to change.

And then suddenly, it started to look stormy and we saw that huge waves were brewing on the backside ocean view. They started rising over those weird grassy banks and before I knew it, water was pouring in windows and doors on the back part of the condo. I remember Mom asking me if we had signed and finalized the closing in hopes that we could still get out of this thing, but I knew that we had. We were stuck with it. I woke up so disoriented, feeling like I had just talked to my Mom, but knowing I hadn't. Feeling like I had made some huge error in judgement....oh well. If dreams are prophetic, I think it's safe to say I probably shouldn't buy any beachfront property today. So weird. I am still shaking off the feeling.