Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I was dreaming

I had this really vivid dream last night. It wasn't anything weird or out of the ordinary, but it felt so REAL! I dreamed that my alarm went off, and I had gotten up and was going about my morning routine. I poured a cup of coffee, fed the cats, etc.
Only I had gotten up with this really awful cold. I was so congested, and I felt so weak and just, well, sick. I remember thinking how odd it was that I didn't have even a hint of a cold symptom when I went to bed, but who knows. Sometimes these things come on fast. I gave it a few minutes to see if I might start to feel better, but finally decided that a day at work was just NOT going to happen. I felt too awful. So, I called in sick and climbed back into my bed to get some more sleep.

And then....? Then my alarm REALLY went off. I was groggy and so confused. Didn't I already turn that off? It shouldn't be buzzing again, should it? Hadn't I already made the call to my office? It took me a minute to clear my head and realize it was all a dream. I think I fumbled around and hit every button on that stupid alarm clock because my brain couldn't figure out how to silence it, even though I do it every day on auto-pilot. The bad news was I had to get on up and go to work. But at least the good news was that I wasn't sick. So, there you go. Usually my dreams are weird and things are strange and out of place and I have some point of reference to tell myself "This is only a dream". But not that one. I dreamed my whole morning ritual, step by boring step, just like I go through them every single (week day) morning. So weird. But hey, at least I don't have a cold. LOL.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

We need a break from our weekend!!

Too much to do, too little time. OMG it feels like things will never be caught up. Bruce spent ALL day yesterday working on outside projects, and I spent most of the day doing inside things (like laundry). I did go out later in the afternoon to help with the cutting grass thing. Bruce had to repair the roof, and put in a new fan in the attic. Its non-stop. Today is another repeat of yesterday with the exception that I am going to have to find time to run some errands later. If we EVER get caught up we have plans to do some painting and put new flooring in the den, living and dining room. I need to go back to work to get a break.

Also? I have to get this off of my chest....SHUT UP, Donald Trump!!!! Oh dear Lord, enough already. Everything that comes out of your mouth just makes you seem more moronic and idiotic. Is there no end to the stupidity? Please somebody tell me that this guy could NEVER win an election. Oh please! If he did, and I was forced to look at his extreme comb-over and stupid duck lips, I would leave my home and my job without looking back. We will pack up the cats and a few personal belongings and start over in Canada even if we have to live in our car. Mr. Trump with his racism, admission that his money was made by shady dealings (and he apparently isn't ashamed) and his conspiracy theories make me ashamed to be an American. Better yet, let's ship that crazy, ugly, pathetic excuse for a human being off to Canada. Or Iraq. Maybe Afghanistan.