Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I can't sleep. Me! The woman who is such a talented sleeper that its practically a legend. It is driving me crazy, because God knows, sleeping is one of life's BEST simple pleasures. Its not a happy feeling...I am tired, exhausted from being out in the heat. And yet, I can NOT sleep. Well, I won't say I am up all night long, because I seem to eventually, in the wee hours of the morning, not terribly long before the damned alarm clock goes off, finally drift off. At least there's that. An hour or 2 of sleep is better than nothing. But still....I can feel it taking a toll. My brain is foggier than normal (yeah, I know. Scary, huh?). The last time this happened, a couple of months ago, I finally figured out it was a new allergy medication (Zyrtec to be exact...I was taking it at night and that just didn't work). This time, I am clueless.

But anyway, if I can make it through the rest of this week, hopefully I can catch up a little this weekend. I always sleep better when there is no deadline. No alarm clock ticking down the minutes. And its probably this heat throwing me off. Our heat index was over 110 degrees today. My body has a broken thermostat....always running hot. And tonight, I am thinking about taking a Unisom. We keep a small bottle of over the counter sleeping aids for when we travel.....I think we still have some somewhere....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nothing much

Nothing much is going on right now. Seriously its difficult to even conjure up enough of something to even write about. Its hot. Too hot! I want to hibernate and wait the rest of summer out. Unfortunately life gets in the way of my hibernation, and I have to go out there and do that pesky inconvenient thing called work. How awful.
Beyond that, work and hibernating, that is, nothing much is happening. Its dreary and boring and I don't even care. When the temperature rises I am content with boring. I can't even muster the interest to go shopping. Summer clothes are picked over and besides, I tend to hate them anyway. I think that maybe some new fall fashions are hitting the stores, but its too hot to be interested yet. I don't even want to look at sweaters and jackets when the mercury is hovering around 100 degrees. Yuck.

But anyway, I am just trying to hang in there with the idea that fall has to be here soon.....