Wednesday, March 24, 2010


What in the world is going on with me? Is it allergies or a cold? All I know is that it is making me miserable and has been getting progressively worse as the day wears on. Hopefully its just allergies. ??? I do not want to be sick right now.

But besides the fact that I can't breathe and my nose and eyes are leaking like crazy, I am still a happy camper. Its spring. I am still indescribably happy that my husband and sister are on speaking terms again. And I am heading to sunny Puerto Rico in 2 weeks. Yay! Life is definitely good.

Also, we spent several hours last night with a man who specializes in Federal employee benefits. And yes, he does want to sell us more insurance. But he gave us a plethora of useful information, lots of it were things that we were NOT aware of, too, so it was a real learning experience. He helps people get their ducks in a row for retirement, and had amassed whole folders of info and figures that were exclusive to us. What an eye opener. For starters, we had planned (hoped) to retire at 56. And while that sounds like a really long time away, its really only 8 and a half years. Less than a decade. But according to these figures, seeing it all in cold hard facts printed in black and white? Well....we could retire then. But if we could manage to stick it out for 4 more years, and retire at 60, we would have quite a bit more security for the long haul. I never knew that those few years could make such a HUGE difference in the income for the rest of your life.

Anyway, while hearing that information was a little bit sad, I also believe that knowledge is power. At least we now know exactly where we stand, and where we need to be and how to get there. He was impressed with our progress so far, and felt like we were really on the right track so...? Overall, I guess its good news.