Saturday, February 28, 2009


I really dislike labels. They rarely fit, and how hurtful and destructive is it for anyone to identify with a negative label? Stupid, bad, clumsy...... its all just a bunch of words. But anyway, at the vet MY beloved little cherub of a kitten has been labeled as a "Bad Cat". One of the countless times that we have been there recently for her shots (seriously, just how many shots and boosters does one tiny little kitten actually have to have????) she behaved....well, I didn't think it was THAT bad. She was scared and a little freaked out. She struggled a little, and meowed a whole LOT, but she is still just a baby, so what exactly did they expect? Apparently now that she has the "Bad Cat" label stuck on her chart, I can't take her out of the carrier until the vet comes into the exam room. I can't hold her, or love her, or try to calm her down. I just have to sit and try to talk her into staying calm through the wire door of that carrier that she hates so much.

She had to go for what is hopefully her last round of shots yesterday. They made me call ahead to make sure they weren't busy so we wouldn't have to wait. My cat is clearly such a huge threat to the safety of the public that her time in the waiting room must be minimized. When I called, they requested that I wait another 15 minutes before driving there so that we could be taken directly into a room. Just how scary can a 4 lb. little kitten really be????? And how long will she have to bear this "Bad Cat" status on her chart? Because honestly, she is starting to get used to all of it now. She meowed a little bit, but she wasn't completely scared to death this time.
I think she is starting to understand that its an inconvenience, but she will eventually get to come home and be spoiled again. I am a little offended by having my baby labeled as "BAD". But on the positive side, at least we didn't have to wait......we were escorted right in and right back out in record time. I guess thats the up side of having such a terror-inducing kitty for a pet.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Where does the time go? Its Wednesday already. I haven't written anything in days. I don't have an excuse other than we've been busy. Doing what exactly, I have no idea. But it seems like by the time I have a chance to sit down and catch my breath its bedtime and then it all starts over again in the morning.

So, the weekend with the big honking piece of rental equipment.....there was this one moment on Saturday afternoon when the whole thing mired itself into the soft earth and got stuck. With the clock ticking, the overwhelming amount of work still undone. And there was chaos and stress and my husband heading straight towards "man-fit" status. He was so pissed off because from all general appearances that big tractor was going nowhere for a long, long time. And then, just as despair was setting in one of our neighbors happened to pass by on his tractor. We flagged him down and his first words were, "You can't get stuck with a back hoe." Bruce thought the guy was being a jerk at first, but he was just stating a fact. He got in there and started working the controls. Push up with the front end loader, use the back hoe to pull the tractor out of the hole, slowly, inch by inch. And little by little the thing unstuck itself. I can't tell you how happy we were. The weekend was salvaged. And we need to go buy this guy a gift certificate to someplace nice for dinner. Because he really did save the day. And then without being asked, he starting smoothing the ground with his box blade, and finished up that part of the work for us. Just like that. We were really appreciative.

And while I would love to stay here and chat for a while, since I haven't been on blogger in days, I am having trouble writing right now, because Vixen insists on walking back and forth across my laptop. I need to go entertain a bored kitty apparently.