Sunday, July 18, 2010

Good Week-end

We had a good week-end. Erica came home on Friday afternoon in time for dinner. Stephen and Hannia came over later and we spent the evening playing Bananagram. That's a game based on scrabble, but its faster...each person makes their own "board" until all the tiles are used up. We enjoy it.

We almost had a catastrophe on Saturday as we had made plans to have lunch at the kids' favorite Thai restaurant and found out it was closed. Apparently permanently. From what I can gather there was a dispute with the landlord over a broken AC sad. The food was very good. We went to another Thai place, and that was decent, but not as good as Saeng. Oh well. We left with full bellies, so I guess its ok.

It really feels like we spent the whole weekend eating. LOL. We made burgers for dinner (with Pick a Peppa in them)on Saturday night...and then Erica and Stephen whipped up a batch of this yummy hot fudge sauce so there was ice cream and that for dessert. Delicious. We played more games again Saturday evening and it was a lot of fun. I LOVE when we have a chance to have the whole family together like that. It might be Christmas before we have the opportunity again. Indiana is pretty far away, and the kids move in about 4 weeks. Yikes! But I am hoping to fly up in late September or early October to get a chance to see their new place. Bruce is going to be helping with the move so he will see it right away.

Erica left today around lunchtime, taking the pretty little calico kitten with her for her friends. These people have been looking forward to this kitty adoption for a while now...had already bought food, litter and accessories for their new baby. But I had such a hard time letting her go. She was adorable, and yes I KNOW I am lucky to be able to keep Missy Clover....but in a perfect world I could have kept them both. I wanted to back out, but knowing these people were waiting on her and had spent time and money getting ready for her, I just had to get over it and let her go.
Erica is supposed to let me know what they name her. They wanted to see her first.
But anyway, Erica said she did fine on the drive up in the little kitty carrier. Its going to be fine, I'm sure. I know she got good parents. We will still miss her around here though.

So we are now getting ready to start another week. Another HOT week ....ugh. I am so ready for cooler, drier weather. We have Sam (Mama cat) scheduled to be spayed on Friday, so wish us good luck with that. We are hoping it calms her down a little as she just can't seem to stop terrorizing poor Vixen. Vixen is bigger than she is and Vixen is older....but Vixen is scared to death of Sam and has spent a lot of time hiding in our bedroom. Poor thing. After this surgery we are going to have to work hard at helping these cats figure out how to get along. They don't have to like each other, but they do have to learn how to exist in the same house without all of the hissing, growling and chasing. So...that's what is going on up here in our world.
Hope you all have a good week ahead!