Thursday, July 28, 2011

Right now

Right now its all about Bruce's Dad and getting him well and home from the hospital.
Seriously, its all we have done or thought about since he went into the emergency room at Duke last Friday. And right now, we still don't have any concrete answers. The doctors know what the problem is (chronic diarrhea), but not why it is happening. So....? We wait. And hope.

We did take a break last night because we had tickets to the 'American Idol season 10' concert in Raleigh. We spent the afternoon at the hospital and then drove over to the RBC center. We had a good time. I'm glad we went. I didn't have any specific favorites this year, and the winner, Scotty, was total country. I don't really get in to country music, but if you like it, then I suppose he IS good. Pia, a ballad ala Celine Dion kind of singer, and Casey a bass-playing jazz singer were more to my liking. But all of the top 11 were extremely talented. So talented it required a top 11 instead of the usual top 10. We both had to work today, so we sneaked out a little early. They saved Scotty for last and the crowd went wild when he came out. We listened to a couple of his songs, and then made a break for it so we could get out of the parking lot and impending snarl of traffic....whatever, we are old and late nights on work nights are tough. LOL.

Anyway, besides this oppressive heat and Dad's being sick, there is not a lot on my mind. But we are hanging in there and feeling optimistic that things will look up soon. :)