Friday, April 11, 2008


There is this house that I drive by almost every day. And on most of those days there is a woman who sits in a rocking chair on the front porch. The odd thing is that she sits there facing the house, her back to the road. I have no idea of how old she is, as I have never actually seen her face. Her hair is medium/short in length, and looks to be fairly gray. My guess is that she is an older woman, but then again, some people go gray really young. Some days it looks like she is doing something with her hands. I've seen her with a bowl on her lap and got the impression that she was shelling peas, or something like that. Maybe she is doing some kind of needlework sometimes, too...? I don't know. But every time that I see her out there, facing the house with her back to the road, I have to take a moment to wonder. Whats her story?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Handbags and Weddings

So this weekend in Danville, Erica and I ran out to shop briefly. Mainly because she wanted to pick up some of that yummy chicken salad from the Mid-town Market to take home for lunch this week (um, we got really lost and had a most excellent adventure through out the streets of Danville. And she had like NO sense of humor about it, but I thought it was hilarious good fun...).

But we ran into a few other places along the way. I have been shopping around a little bit for a handbag to go with my dress for THE wedding. The only evening bag that I own is black. And my dress is brown/copper and my shoes are gold. Black wasn't going to cut it. But I didn't find anything acceptable. So when we finally got back to the house (after seeing a whole lot of the town on our crazy roadtrip) Dad and Barb mentioned that there were several evening bags packed away somewhere in the house. And I got this one pictured above. It belonged (if I am remembering correctly, which I may NOT be, so feel free to correct me) to my hubby's Dad's mother, and might actually have been used in the 1920's...? Anyway, whether that information is right or not, I happen to think that its really pretty. The metal work at the top of the bag is pretty enough to feel like jewelry instead of a purse frame. And the body of the purse, the part that looks like gold sequins, is actually tiny little gold-colored metal disks. All of them intact. And worked together so finely that it feels almost silky. Its hard to describe. You would have to feel it. Anyway, its vintage and unusual and it makes me happy. So, thanks Dad and Barb. I can't wait to use it. The weird looking orbs at the top are really just a candle holder that I used to prop the purse up so I could take a picture. They aren't actually attached to the bag...haha.

So, the wedding grows closer. Hannia stopped by this afternoon to drop off Erica's dress. Its really pretty, and the length of it (more knee-length) will make this a dress she could probably wear again to some other special occasion, so that makes it even better. But one of the things that I have been meaning to say about the wedding is the fact that my daughter is going to be The Best Man!!! How cool is that? And Hannia's brother is going to be a bridesmaid....haha. I LOVE how they are breaking convention like that. It makes me smile. Everything seems to be coming together nicely, so.....we have a lot to look forward to this spring!!!

I'm Alive!!!

Really, seriously, I am alive. I haven't written much mainly because things have been insanely busy. We had Greg, Lori and the girls up for a visit the weekend before last. This past weekend we were visiting Dad and Barb in Danville. Besides all the visitation, work has kept me hopping like a one-legged Easter Bunny. Whew...I am tired. Last night, for instance, I went to bed at 7 pm. I totally meant to take a quick nap and get up in an hour. Well, the REAL story is that I said something kind of snarky that got on my husband's nerves (I honestly can NOT remember what I said, but I am pretty sure it wasn't altogether sweet and loving). So he started to blatantly IGNORE me. He was refusing to answer me, or acknowledge my existence. Not like a serious fight or argument. I think we were both just tired and feeling a little snippy. But since he was artfully ignoring me, I decided that I would just go ahead and deprive him of my glorious presence all together, and I went to bed. Hahahaha. Like I said, I meant to get up again in a little while, but I slept through until the alarm went off this morning. Yikes! I must have needed the sleep. I don't know if the deprivation of my presence taught hubby a lesson or not, but he seems to be behaving a bit better today, so maybe? I got some good sleep either way.

Anyway, nothing else is new. We have had days on end of cloudy, misty, rainy days. It feels like forever since I saw any sunlight. That in and of itself is somewhat depressing. It makes me sleepy. And it appears as though there is no real sunshine in the forecast around here for the rest of this week. Blah. Oh well, we needed the rain, I guess. I read somewhere that we are finally back up into the "normal" rainfall range again after the serious drought of last summer.
I keep wondering about Atlanta. We heard lots of urgent news reports that Atlanta was running out of water, with only a month or so supply left. Have they gotten back up to normal levels yet? Has anyone heard? Apparently only the bad stuff gets reported. Noone tells you when things are going well......Why is that?