Friday, September 19, 2008

What NOT to Wear.....

Its no secret that one of my favorite shows on television is TLC's "What NOT to Wear", with fashion gurus Stacey London, and Clinton Kelly. It is probably second ONLY to "House, MD" which holds the number one spot of my all-time favorite shows. Let's face it, I would kill (well not literally, but almost) to go shopping with Stacey and Clinton. Week after week they take the frumpiest, sloppiest people you have ever seen and make them look fabulous. They spout words of wisdom such as "Noone over a size 2 should EVER wear horizontal stripes", or "a tapered leg pant only emphasizes the width of the hips" and make you wonder how you ever lived your life without knowing these things.

This week's episode, during the final reveal at the end, the woman was wearing the EXACT same dress that I wore to my son's rehearsal dinner this past May. Its a sleeveless dress in brown silk with white polka dots. Maybe I have pictures of it somewhere....but anyway, I was so excited because it means that I picked out something worthy of the fashion Gods. It has their seal of approval. And that.....makes me deliriously happy. Of course, I wore brown strappy sandals with my dress. The woman on the show had some really adorable hot pink heels on with hers. I would have never thought to pair the dress with such a wild color, but it looked fabulous. Mine was boring by comparison. And this is why I would love to shop with Stacey and Clinton. And why I suddenly feel compelled to shop for hot pink heels.....clearly I NEED a pair of those.

And just for the record, I would also kill to go shopping with Hugh Laurie from House, MD. He might not be able to deliver those precious nuggets of style advice. But those blue eyes of his would make up for his lack of fashion savvy.

I'm just too COOL!

I think these muscle relaxants I have been taking are causing me to have some really strange dreams. For instance, last night I dreamed I was out and about at some big mall. I stopped at this jewelry shop and made the impulsive decision to do something really crazy and edgy. Apparently (in my dream) it was all the rage to get your hairline pierced. You know, like all around the edges of your forehead. So I was going to get MY hairline pierced twice. One above each eyebrow. I had picked out these really hip looking silver twisted hoops to hang down over each eye. But whatever. I had it done and it was fairly painful. I couldn't wait to get home to see how cool I looked.

But when I inspected my impulse piercing in the mirror at home, I was horrified to see that the girl had mistakenly used these cheap plastic SANTA CLAUS studs on me. How cool is that? Like NOT!!! I was so upset. I tried to take them out, but every time I touched the Santa's I would start bleeding profusely. It didn't hurt really, but it bled like a stuck pig. I decided to go back to the shop and demand to have these studs changed out for the hoops I had paid for....and thats when it got weird. All of this strange stuff started happening to prevent me from getting back to the mall. Traffic jams, getting lost...etc. I woke up before I ever got it taken care of.
The one thing that is still making me laugh though is that I felt compelled to run my hand across my forehead to check for stray plastic Santa studs before I got out of bed this morning....LOL!
Nothing screams COOL like plastic Santas stuck to your head....apparently.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Today is my birthday. So far its been pretty good. I got good news from the Doctor yesterday. He is 85% sure that my back injury is just muscle trauma. I have to be careful and take it easy for the next week or so. If for some reason its not better by then, I will go for a MRI to be absolutely certain. But things are already a little better, so I feel reasonably sure I don't have a hairline fracture like they thought. That is excellent because I am already bored out of my mind, and I miss going to the gym. I especially miss my yoga classes, so....the sooner I can get back into action the better. I even kind of, sort of miss work. Weird, I know. Its probably not work that I am missing so much as my friends there at the office. They have all called and kept a check on me, but its not the same as our face to face ribbing/teasing/fun.

Also, the other insurance company has come up with a settlement for the vehicle (the medical stuff is pending, of course). And they have agreed to pay us almost the exact amount of the car that my husband just bought for me. I am ending up with a better, newer car for less than $200. I am very grateful for that. I am still not able to drive yet, but I did get to ride in the new car yesterday when we went to the doctor...haha. Oh, and one other kind of funny accident-related thingie: My mailbox was stuffed with 13 or 14 advertisements from attorneys today. 1 ad was from a chiropractor. I am keeping that one. I think I will discuss the possibility of a chiropractor with my Doc next Tuesday and see what he says. I have never been to one, but a few people I know swear by them. My back might need some serious realignment, so...? I will see.

When I woke up this morning and went into the kitchen for coffee, I was scared half to death by this HUGE plastic frog sitting on the counter. It was a birthday treat from hubby. He is the size of a small cat and has a motion sensor that causes him to croak (loudly) whenever anything passes in front of him. It startled me to the point I almost tripped and fell (wouldn't be a good thing right now)...but after I recovered from my shock I fell in love with him instantly. You know how I love my wacky toys. There is also a large mint chocolate truffle cake in the fridge and a really pretty wrapped gift on the mantel, but I am under strict orders not to cut the cake or open the gift yet. Its tempting though. I wanted cake for breakfast. But I am trying to be good......

Anyway, I think Stephen and Hannia are coming over for dinner tonight. We are going to figure out what we all want and then get it as take out. I am not quite up to dressing up and sitting for a long time in public. Every little bit my back will ache to the point that I have to go lie down for a little while. That seems to ease it a bit, but it makes it hard for me to stay in any one place for very long. Dinner here at home will just be more comfortable for me. No idea what we will order yet. I have a feeling they will make me pick and I don't like making decisions like that. Maybe we can all make a group decision. Its not like I am picky about food or anything....haha.

One other thing: the FedEx guy dropped off a package for me this morning. Its the cutest framed frog print from Dad and Barb. Barb says they found it in San Juan. I love it. Its turning out to be a really froggy kind of birthday and thats just fine with me. I just need to figure out the perfect place to hang it so that I can see it every day. Thanks Dad and Barb. It suits me to a T.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Other accident related stuff....

For some reason, I am more sore today than I was yesterday. Weird. I feel like I ought to be doing something...anything. I am not the lie around doing nothing type. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon. I have an appointment with my regular Doc on Wednesday. Just to follow up on that vague ER diagnosis of my back. My lower back hurts. A lot. Something is not quite right, and its not the same as the muscle pain that I had there back in May. Its different, but hard to describe.

But anyway, I wanted to say something about the accident that really floored me. The impact pushed my car over so that I was blocking 2 lanes of traffic at one of the major intersections here in town. Everybody at that stop light saw the accident. They saw me sitting there with my car smashed up, and bawling my eyes out. I was crying hysterically. It scared the hell out of me. But as soon as the light turned green for the people that I was blocking, they all started squeezing around me on both sides, barely inching past my car to zoom off on whatever errands they were off to do. Not 1 single person...not even 1, stopped to see if I needed help or if I was ok, or anything. It was surprising to me. I was definitely inconveniencing them by blocking their hell with whether or not I was injured. It was cold and insensitive. There wasn't a whole heck of a lot anybody could do, but still.....just having somebody there to talk to me or calm me down or something would have been nice. The guy who hit me didn't even talk to me. He stood on the other side of the street. Oh well, the cops and ambulance were there pretty quickly so it wasn't like I had to sit there for a really long time. And all of those guys were extremely nice and helpful. So at least there's that.

My husband has already bought another car for me. We are fairly certain that the insurance company will declare mine as totalled. He is off to finalize all of that right now. He took this day off to contact the insurance companies, the car stuff...etc. He had to go find my car that was towed, because I still had stuff in it (like my favorite raincoat). I'm so glad I have him, because I am really not up to dealing with all of this right now. Well, actually I am glad I have him for a million reasons, not just to deal with the accident aftermath...haha.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


So, I worked yesterday for a friend/co-worker of mine who was in a car accident on Friday (she is sore but ok). And then....I got hit at a stop light yesterday afternoon on my way back to the office. A man ran a red light and crashed right into me as I was pulling into the intersection because MY light was GREEN!!!! I'm basically ok (I think). I was transported to the ER, and they did a billion x-rays. My left shoulder hit the door hard, and my whole shoulder and arm is in a lot of pain and basically unusable at the moment. But no broken bones, so hopefully that will improve soon. I am also having a lot of lower back pain. The X-rays of that were inconclusive. They saw "something", but decided that since I didn't have extreme pain when they were pressing on my spine, it was probably just degenerative aging....? I am going to give it a couple of days and if it still hurts like this, I am going to go see my own Doctor. I was completely unimpressed with the ER care I got yesterday. I have had excellent care at this hospital before.
But yesterday....not so much. We waited for hours. I was left in an exam room with nothing, no pain meds, not even an ice pack, and not even a nurse to stick her head in and ask if I needed help. Hubby finally went down and got me a was 2pm when the accident happened, and I was planning to head home and have lunch. I had nothing to eat or drink all day other than an apple. By the time we got out of the hospital I was so hungry and thirsty I wanted to die.

And the diagnosis for my back pain? They were vague. I mean, I realize that its hard to tell but it was like "It could be a piece chipped off your spine, or it could just be a degenerative condition related to age (thanks, really)." WTF? We are talking about my spine here. But by that point I was so miserable I just wanted to get out of there. They didn't even send me home with some pain meds, just prescriptions. And the pharmacy was closed by I have suffered with ibuprofen through the night. Hubby is out trying to get my prescriptions filled right now and maybe that will help some. I am out of work for a few days. I may be seeing my REAL doctor later this week. And my car....well, I think the car is totalled, so we are going to have to do something about that.

Still, even though it has been a really sucky experience, I do want to say that I am very grateful to not be injured worse than I am. The brunt of the impact hit the wheel/engine area on the drivers side. It could have been right at my door and I don't know what kind of shape I would be in now. And the other thing? Totally NOT my fault. I know I have a history of, um, bad driving. But this time....NOT me. The guy openly admitted to the police that he completely ran the red light. I have no idea what he was thinking, but at least he was honest.