Sunday, June 13, 2010

Romance is in the air.....

Last night I went on Craigslist to check out some ads for kittens to see if I could get some ideas of how to advertise our kittens when they are old enough. But then, I saw the "personal ads". I have a secret thing for personal ads. I love to read them, and I don't know why. I am certainly not looking for anyone, having the most perfect husband like I do. But its interesting to see what other people are putting out there. And seriously? I was shocked and appalled. Here are a few snippets that I saw. These have been cut and pasted and have NOT been altered in any way. These are the original words that some men think will attract a woman:

* "Hi ladies I am a fit tall married white man seeking a passionate sexy woman for daytime meetings. Ideally this would be an ongoing thing. I am opened to all ages a races as long as you are in good shape..." (Really? Do women honestly go for this? )

* "Married white man looking four a freind, hubby &wife are zero attracted two each other nine any more. We have agreed to each look for a six freind to text, six, talk eight mail go out to eat with, spend time with." (I can't even decipher this one. What is this guy's IQ?)

* "Am interested in meeting a SBF that is NOT BUILT LIKE AN INDUSTRIAL WRECKING BALL .... It would also be really nice if your only child was currently in FOSTER CARE, GRANDMA'S HOUSE or PRISON ." (He is such a charmer that I am at a loss for words. At least he can spell...?)

* "I'm interested in meeting a masochist/painslut local to me." (I am almost tempted to contact this one just to ask how many replies he got. Jeez)

* "I love Black women for many reasons, especially well endowed and horny. I'm an average guy just lookin fun and excitement." (He is such a hopeless romantic!)

* "I'm looking for a woman between ages of 50-38 years old. I don't want no gold digger, bisexual, whore, weed head, club freak. i want a good down to earth woman that can be faithful and true." (And I am SO SURE that smart intelligent non-gold digging women are just beating his door down to get a piece of this little treasure)

* "my name is Billy i work and live on the beach..i have a good job now i wnt a family..if you can have a baby or you are already pregnant its ok im a good man not into 6ft. hazel green eyes 200lbs. good shape if your ready then im your man" (pedophile???)

* "50 year old white male seeking woman with small breasts" (Well, alrighty then)

* "just seeing whats out there, , wife is boring and need to spice my life up" (I feel so sorry for this joker's wife. Seriously)

* "never been with a black lady but I have had no luck with white women so I figured it is time for a change" (I don't know what to say?)

* "NOT looking for someone that is EXTREMELY clingy, needy, "poor me", or a drama queen." (not going to be emotionally supportive for sure)

* "WOMAN! NOOOO dudes need to even bother responding to this..." (clearly a homophobe)

* "I"m usually not attracted to Black or Latino women but you never know I'll try at least once." (Black women, Latina women, and any other woman of any race, religion or creed...RUN AWAY)

And these are just a few. I could go on and on and on. It made me sad and scared at how many sick, pathetic people are out there. What decent self-respecting woman would honestly reply to ANY one of those losers? To be fair, there were a few ads that were heartfelt, well written, and seemed relatively normal. But those were so few and far between. My best advice to all of you? Don't go shopping for a love interest on Craig's List. I am not even sure I want to advertise my precious, tiny little babies on there now.