Thursday, June 9, 2011


One of my favorite subjects....SHOES!! I have searched the web to find some of the ugliest shoes in the world. Behold:

Going barefoot might be more comfortable than these:

I hope they didn't kill direct tv's tiny giraffe to make these:


Baroque Wedges:

I don't even know what these are:

Can you imagine walking around this with bird head sticking up from the top of your feet?

Shoes??? Or pants???

And lastly, not really ugly shoes, but the most expensive shoes in the world. They are made of solid gold and 2,200 diamonds. I can't imagine that would be terribly comfortably, but its not likely I am going to be wearing these any time soon. They are listed for £140,000. Which translates roughly into 230,000 us dollars. Yikes!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

End of the Weekend

The ending of my weekend always makes me a little sad. It goes by all too quickly and suddenly its Monday morning again. This weekend we didn't get a whole lot done. Yesterday I went in to work for a while to check on my new sub. She seemed to be doing ok, so I called and got worked in to the busy schedule of my nail salon. Henry's Nails. Its hands down the best nail salon in town. I went to I can't tell you how many places before, but the work that Henry and his staff do lasts. Usually for 2-3 weeks. And that is a huge plus. Unfortunately, because its good, it is also hard to get an appointment. I've been going long enough that Henry or his wife Julie will always try to work me in, but sometimes it means waiting. Oh is worth the wait. You would never know there was a recession when you see the number of people in there getting manicures, pedicures, eyebrows done....Its crazy. The twice a month manicure is one of my guilty pleasures. Actually, I don't feel the least bit guilty about it. I deserve it. Obviously. Haha. No, seriously, working as a mail carrier is hell on the hands. I can't keep my nails looking presentable without a little help from Henry.

We were going to have a cook out today with our friends, Chris and Jessica. But then Chris got sick. He thought it was a migraine at first, but after it lingered for 3 days and started causing other problems, like an upset stomach, he decided it must be some kind of hellish virus. Oh well, it rained today anyway. Not a day for grilling outside. I spent my afternoon cleaning out the fridge. Really cleaning it. Throwing out anything out of date and scrubbing down all the shelves. And then I did a grocery store run because the fridge looked kind of bare.

Sometime around 4ish we had a break in the weather and decided to go ahead and take the cats outside for their daily backyard adventure. I know it was much earlier than usual but we had more storms forecasted for later (which never materialized so oh well). I was curious to see what the difference in time would do. And just as I thought, right around 7, even though they had already had their outdoor time, Bitty started "telling" us that she wanted to go out again. LOL. She can be so insistent.
We didn't go out again though. The rain has left us so humid that it is disgusting.
Hopefully we will have drier weather coming in for the rest of the week. I can't have Bitty copping an attitude with us.

So there you have it. My boring weekend, which is fine with me really. Boring beats working any day of the week. My highlights were a visit to get my nails done, and a trip to the grocery store. LOL. Throw in a lot of laundry, and that is the sum total of what I did. Woo Hoo, try not to get too excited about that. :)