Monday, December 7, 2009


The family came to pick up our goats today. I really do feel like they are going to enjoy this home. Their daughters are planning to take them to some special animal show and tell at school. And train them to walk on a leash, and even possibly show them off at the county fair this coming fall. I know Chaucer and Poe will love all of that attention. Because seriously, other than running out to feed them twice a day, we didn't ever seen to be able to find much time to hang out and play with them. And they are playful, so...I feel good about this situation.

They went willingly enough into the truck. We sent them off with their food, a bag of their favorite timothy grass/molasses hay (goats LOVE that stuff), and their deworming medication. The guy seemed really knowledgeable about the dewormer, and general goat care. Well, he said he raises Bora goats (full-size), but he sells those. His girls wanted a couple of goats to keep, and play with and get attached to that wouldn't be sold off. They also raise their own hay, so I know my goats will be well fed.

I am ok with this. I feel like its a good thing. But still, when that truck first pulled off with my goats on the back of it, I came inside and cried for a little bit.
I couldn't help it. But its all going to work out fine. We have their email and phone number. The girls are going to send us pictures occasionally. They invited us to stop in anytime we come through Fayetteville to see them. If I started missing them too terribly, it would be feasible to go visit them. And I just might...

On a happier note, Shep and Scooter seemed really happy to have full run of the backyard again. I don't think they will miss the goats at all.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

To Barb

Barb wrote:

"I am sad, very sad, because each time we come and visit you it is really to see the goats, now there no reason to come see you now. Barb"

Bruce replies:

"The only reason we come to visit you is to get the pickles, and now you just gave us some, so there is no reason to come see you now, either".

LOL! Also, just for the record, (and yes my husband is an egomaniac), he has determined that the upcoming holiday should now be called "Brucemas"

Um, yeah, so A Very Merry Brucemas to all of you. Too crazy.