Friday, June 3, 2011

Baby birds

We have this nest of baby sparrows in our barn. So cute! I love how they stick their little beaks out over the side of the nest just hoping for a bit of food. Every evening, after it cools off, we take our cats out into the fenced-in backyard (as opposed to their smaller "cat enclosure"). We know they could jump the fence and escape if they really wanted to so we only take them out there when we can sit out and supervise. But anyway, the adult sparrows see the cats come out and immediately start to congregate, tease, and dive-bomb which drives kitties crazy. So funny. The cats can't get to the barn, so the babies are safe.

All 4 kitties have gotten really used to their evening excursion out to explore the "big" yard. If we have made no move to head out by around 7 or so, Bitty, the most vocal of the group really lets us know about our mistake. I always find it interesting to see animals attuned to an inner time clock. Generally it involves food, but this is all about the fun. Its a nice little break to unwind anyway. We usually see a rabbit or 2, lots of birds, some frogs, a few lizards, and every once in a while we catch a glimpse of a couple of deer. We also have a bizarre looking red-headed woodpecker that makes an appearance in the big pecan tree. I wish I could get a picture of him.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wish on a Star

These things would make me so happy. I wish...

-That chocolate had no calories. And was packed full of nutrients and healthy stuff.
Maybe ice cream too.

-That summer temps never got over 85. Warm enough to swim, but not so hot as to make me want to die

-A pool in the backyard. I want this one bad. Even just a small one. I have serious phobias about public pools. The thought of it makes me start to hyperventilate. So gross.

-That I had more time and energy for the fun stuff.

-That Erica, Stephen and Hannia find perfect jobs. Preferably someplace near here, but if not near then at least let it be the job of their dreams in a place that they enjoy. I know Hannia is not actively job hunting but if they move then she might...?

-That Greenville would get a Macy's. Please?

-That my new sub works out. She wants to work and I want time off. I just hope she can make it....she is struggling a little bit with the training. But I am going to be optimistic.

-That we could retire SOON and buy a beachfront home someplace in the Caribbean. I drool whenever House Hunter's International does a show down in the islands. I think Hannia prefers the European ones, and while I think those are interesting....its the beach house on a tropical island that makes me want to start packing my bags. LOL.
Most of the people seem to buy for investment/rental property, but seriously, if I had a house there I would never be able to come back and live here.

-That Sarah Palin would just go back to Alaska and disappear from the public radar. Oh please, please....just go ice fishing or something. Or look out and meditate over your backyard views of Russia. Or have some more kids. Something, anything that doesn't involve my having to hear that annoying voice EVER EVER EVER again.

-That my Dr. would just stop finding sh%t wrong with me. LOL.

-World Peace.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good news....tentatively

We have been having some internet issues for the past few days. Turns out I am not a happy camper when I can't get online and see what's going on. Saturday it went out, and when I called our cable company I got an automated message saying service was temporarily interrupted in our area. So then I knew. But yesterday it went out again and there was no message. In fact, nobody else had reported an outage. Anyway we had to schedule a service call and it was apparently our modem. Which Bruce got them to replace. And it all seems to be working again, and I can be happy.

One funny thing is that we were discussing the possibility that it was our modem yesterday. Bruce told me to check out Best Buy's website to see if anything was on sale this week. And I actually picked up my laptop to check it out....because we both were not thinking about the fact that we had NO internet. LOL. I can't even shop without it anymore. Its so handy for price comparisons. We don't buy much of anything without price checks and reviews. Funny how dependent we get on technology.

Anyway, I got good news (tentatively) from my doc. My second round of blood tests for glucose levels came back only slightly elevated. My thyroid levels, which definitely ARE out of whack, can totally account for the screwy blood sugar. It wouldn't have if it was way off...but it can this little bit. I was so relieved. I have enough going on without having to add diabetes and insulin and watching every morsel of food that I eat into the mix. Anyway, I am taking the higher dosage of synthroid (thyroid replacement) and then go back for blood tests again in 3 months. Hopefully that will make a difference and everything will be back in more "normal" ranges. It scared me enough to start paying more attention to my diet though.

Anyway, its the last day of May (is this year just flying by or what?), and already we are having temps hovering near 100 degrees. It scares me. I don't do well in hot weather, and for it to be this hot already? Good Lord help me. Today was the blistering heat of July or August. I can't even imagine what those months are going to be like if this is May weather.