Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Beat Goes on....

The new babies are doing really well. I will try to have some updated pictures soon, because seriously? They are becoming more adorable by the day. Their eyes are open, and they are trying hard to stand up on those tiny little kitty legs. They can push up to standing, but have trouble moving forward very far without collapsing. Still...its coming, and its coming FAST. I have been reading up a little on kitten development and these kittens are ahead of schedule. They usually start trying to stand/walk at around 3 weeks and these babies are 2 weeks old tomorrow. I think thats an excellent sign that they are healthy and well. They are growing fast and have these adorable little fat bellies. LOL. Solid food comes next. Probably somewhere between 3 to 4 weeks. Yikes!

The move to the new office is complete. I worked my first day there today. It is hard to pass judgement just yet. It was really hectic still trying to catch up from the Monday holiday. And I didn't know where anything was in the building. No one else seems to yet either though, so its not like I was the only one feeling lost. Part of the problem is that it took so long to get everything moved, nothing is set up or organized yet. Hopefully that will come in time? I think its a work in progress. And while I am not thrilled about it, maybe it will work out to be ok.

So, Stephen is having trouble with ECU. It appears as though they are trying to do the very same thing that they did to in saying now (after the fact that he PASSED his CAP's) that he is short a class to get his degree. ?????
It only took Hannia 2 years to finally clear that crap up to get her diploma. I don't know what to think. He has a professor going to bat for him to try and reason with the bureaucratic idiotic powers that be. But right now, we don't know what the outcome will be. Will he have to take 1 more class? Will it affect his starting Purdue in the fall? Will he be so angry and put out with how ridiculous this University seems to be with these things (honestly, apparently this happens to a whole LOT of people there, like they are trying to extort more money before you can leave) that he quits all together, 1 class short of his masters??? Will his professor be able to help him fix this? Can he possibly take 1 class over the second semester of summer? Its all up in the air right now, and we don't know. Keep your finger's crossed for him. Say a prayer. Wish on a star for us....any and everything that you can think of to increase our chances of a positive outcome. :)