Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas to All....

Santa brought Vixen the kitten early. But he wasn't quite done yet. Yesterday afternoon he stopped by one more time and brought me these:

I have been teasing my husband for several years about wanting a goat. Now I have 2!!!!!
They are little pygmy goats, and they are full grown.....standing about knee high. They are the cutest things EVER! The black and white one is "Poe", and the dark gray one is "Chaucer".
Clearly these are very literary goats. And I am in love. With the goats, and with the husband who had the wacky sense of humor to go to all the trouble to buy goats. I love you, hubby.

Also? Hubby had to work this morning, and the goats needed hay. I had to drive the big skeery pick up truck downtown to a FEED store and buy bales of hay. This was completely, totally out of my element. But I did it. And the goats seem to be quite happy. I have a full fledged nativity scene going on here tonight.

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. We are having a blast around here.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa came a little early around here.....

Meet Vixen. She's adorable. My husband found her, abandoned, starving, and meowing at the top of her lungs. Who could turn down that sweet little face....? Ok, I KNOW I just wrote a post about how I did NOT want any more pets. But whats that old saying? Something along the lines that whenever we make a plan, God laughs a little. Or a lot. He's having himself quite a chuckle over this one, I'm sure.

So, we've been a dog family for a long time. We are not used to having cats. I had cats when I was growing up, but I've forgotten a whole lot of stuff. For instance, cats are impervious to the baby gates that we use as dog barriers. Nothing is sacred or off limits. Its definitely different, but we are adjusting. She is so cute. She's smart, too. Vixen has already figured out the litter box thing. That was my main concern, but she learns quickly. So far, she has charmed everybody who has come over. Its fun to have a playful little kitten, and even the dogs don't seem to mind. Of course, my dogs are so old and so inactive they view everything with bored indifference.

Merry Christmas to me. Vixen has found herself a home. She has moved right on in, and become quite comfy....and I am actually ok with that.