Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stuff that amuses me....

-Apparently, North Carolina DMV has issued in excess of 10,000 license plates with the unfortunate letter combination of "WTF". It took some text-savvy teens to point out the acronym for a common slang phrase. It has been announced that anyone with a WTF license plate can return it for another plate that will hopefully have a letter combination that has been a bit more thought out. Although....actually....I would be proud of my WTF plate, if I had one.

-I was putting gas in my car today (yikes!), and I noticed something scrawled in the dust on the gas pump. It said "Thanks Bush!" .....yeah, thank you very much.

-My husband was rearranging the way our sound system/speakers work with the television today. It involved dragging the stereo out of the cabinet, and moving the television table. He managed to dislodge several humongous dust bunnies comprised almost entirely of dog hair. Yeah, I clean. I vacuum. But getting behind all the heavy stuff on a regular basis...not so much apparently. I thought I did an ok job of it, but from the looks of things behind the scenes, well.....I guess I don't get a gold star. My husband paused and watched as yet another errant dust bunny blew across the floor in the breeze from the ceiling fan, and then he asked me, "Is it wrong to hope that the dogs die soon?" Hahaha...yeah, it probably IS kind of wrong, but sometimes we can't help but think it. Good thing my dog is deaf so he couldn't hear what we were saying.

-Speaking of dogs, it would seem as though this dog's owner thinks he is awesome....ya think?

I saw this picture and it made me laugh.

The Power of The Mind....

I (we) really don't keep up with local news around here. We watch CNN, and I regularly read the national stuff. But locally...? Well, I really don't know whats going on around here. We don't subscribe to our local newspaper. For one thing, its a pathetic offering as far as newspapers go.
For another thing....newspapers make me a little bit squeamish. They are messy things. One has to unfurl a newpaper to gargantuan proportions to even read it. And then they end up being splayed all over the place waiting on someone (meaning me) to have to pick them up, organize, store and recycle them. Magazines are almost as bad, but at least they don't "splay". Its the splaying nature that makes newspapers so God-awfully hateful to me.

So my son calls me today to inform me that the city water supply here has been compromised. There is contamination with Fecal-something-or-other bacteria in the water. Its all over the news. Locally, of course. So I had no idea. Everybody was being instructed NOT to drink the water, use ice cubes made from the water, brush your teeth with the water...and so forth and so on. EWWWW! I was drinking from a big bottle of ice water that I brought from home, straight from the tap when he called me. And I had not one, but 2 cups of coffee made from our water for breakfast!! I started to feel ill immediately. Not just ill, but really seriously sick. My stomach was flip-flopping and cramping, and I began to wonder just how long I had before I began to die a horrible, gut-wrenching death from having ingested so much fecal-something-or-other bacteria.

Then I remembered that my husband also took a big bottle of crystal light with him to work today. Crystal light made from the fecal-infested water. So I pulled myself together from my dying-phase to make a quick call to him to warn him that his death might be imminent as well. He listened to me for a couple of minutes as I explained to him our dire situation. And then he said:
"Um, you know that we are on the county water system that is in no way connected to the city water supply?" And somehow I was cured. Just like that.

And while our water is safe here, unfortunately our son is on the city water system, and he has to boil his water until further notice. Actually, I think he ran out and bought several gallons of bottled water, cuz seriously....boiling is just too much work.