Saturday, April 25, 2009

For the Time Being

For the time being, I give up on the new template search. Its overwhelming the number of choices. And although I am getting a little more proficient in installing them, I have to install it completely to make sure that it suits me. And so far NOTHING has made me happy. I have installed/uninstalled at least half a dozen templates in the past 2 days. Some were too busy, some were too bland. It took me a looooonnnnng time to figure out how to install an XML template (I have the html stuff pretty much figured out). I got the XML one up and going only to realize that it didn't have any of the sidebar features, and that would require a whole lot more editing. More editing than I have the time or patience for...So....back to my fishes. For now anyway. I had to go back to the original Fishbowl template because Stephen informed me that the little cartoon goldfish that I was using got all over his nerves. Ha Ha!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Why is it that things either get insanely busy, or I end up being bored to tears? Is there ever a middle ground? A time where there is plenty to do but not overstressed, over scheduled, and rushed? I am beginning to think not. But for the record, right now I am in one of those insane phases. And I am desperately in need of a "pajama day". You know, one of those blessed and precious days where you don't even get out of pajamas.
Maybe one of these days......

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Shame

Body Combat:

"BODYCOMBAT™ is the empowering cardio workout where you are totally unleashed. This fiercely energetic program is inspired by martial arts and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as Karate, boxing, Taekwondo, Tai Chi and Muay Thai. Supported by driving music and powerful role model instructors strike, punch, kick and kata your way through calories to superior cardio fitness."

I should have gotten a clue from those words "fiercely energetic". Of course, I didn't. And while I am happy to say that I did not fall and break a hip like I was afraid I might, I shamefully did not make it more than 15 minutes into the class. It was so fast, and hard to follow...Punch, Jab, Kick, Jab, Kick, Punch....all while doing these bouncing boxing moves with your feet. I was pitifully inept, and uncoordinated. Not to mention that I was sweating and so out of breath by the time that I walked out that I thought I might begin to die at any moment. I was the first to drop out. Hannia followed me not too long afterwards. Bruce made it through the whole class, but he was exhausted. Still, that was impressive. Needless to say, I despised it. I ended up finishing the hour on the elliptical, feeling dejected and ashamed....

After class, the instructor Allison (who knows me from the Yoga classes that she teaches) made it a point to corner me and try to impart some words of encouragement.
She said it was easily the hardest class that they offer, and if I would only give it a chance, try it again a couple of more times, I would find that I could make it further and further each time until I finally had it down and could do the entire class without dying. Maybe....but right now my hatred of it makes me want to never go back to that class again. Of course, my son called as soon as we got home to say that he heard that I didn't make it for the entire class. And also that it "sounds like fun", and he is interested in taking it. For him, I MIGHT go back at least one more time and see if I am judging it too harshly. If I even make it for 20 minutes this time around, I would see it as progress. I don't know...I am torn. Try again until I get it right? Or give up and stick with the classes that I enjoy. Because while I didn't actually break a hip, I DID feel some sharp pain in my right hip during one of those high, sideways kicks....HA HA!

Stolen Meme (or maybe its just borrowed)

A Meme. Swiped from Maria, at Just Eat Your Cupcake who apparently "borrowed" it from someplace else. Because I am too lazy today to come up with anything original. Its Sunday, so give me a break! Maria's link SHOULD read: Just Eat Your Cupcake, but for some unknown reason the link text won't show up. Click on the blank space and you can access her blog. I think it has something to do with the temporary template I am using. I really need to find a permanent one.


1) My ex: is non-existent. I married my high school sweetheart.

2) Maybe I should: just hire a cleaning service to come in and get the spring cleaning done. I am too busy, have way too much going on to have the time or energy to get the house as clean as I would like it. I don't like someone I don't know all up in here in my personal space, but maybe I need to get over that...?

3) I love: Friday nights. Even if there is nothing special going on, there is the glorious feeling that I have a whole weekend full of possibilities stretching out before me.

4) People would say that I am: random....maybe? Conflicted more likely. I am a people person who likes extreme privacy. A dog-lover who prefers cats. A gardener who can't stand to get her hands dirty. A night owl who loves mornings. Oh hell, I can't even figure myself out, so how could anyone else know what to call me????

5) I don't understand why anyone would: consider violence a solution to anything.

6) When I wake up in the morning: I reach for a cup of coffee. Believe me, there had BETTER be coffee. With that, I can face just about anything.

7) I lost: my Mom 5 years ago, and it still hurts. I try not to show it, but sometimes (like this upcoming Mother's Day when we will have commercialism shoved down our throats non-stop for at least a month) it hurts a whole lot.

8) Life is full of: change. Just when you get used to something, everything turns upside down again. You have to learn to roll with the tide if you want to survive.

9) My past is full of: good memories. I try hard to live without regret, so I really wouldn't change a thing about it.

10) I get annoyed by people who: drive too slowly. People who wait until their purchases are totaled before they start to rummage around in their bag for a wallet/check book. Slow people in general.

11) Parties are: fun IF I am in the mood. Otherwise, forget it.

12) I wish life was not so: full of work/chores/errands and I had more time for fun.

13) Dogs are: cool, fun, but terribly time-consuming and labor intensive.

14) Cats are: the secret rulers of the universe.

15) Tomorrow is: another one of those dreaded Mondays. Mondays are the most hectic day of the week at work, and I always breathe a sigh of relief when I am done and moving on to another day. I wish we could somehow just skip Monday from the weekly calendar altogether.

16) I have a low tolerance for: Rudeness. Politeness, even in the face of conflict, shows good breeding as far as I am concerned.

17) If I had a million dollars I would: I don't know. A million dollars doesn't go all that far nowadays. I might pay off a few things, share some with our kids, take a couple of killer vacations. I don't think I could realistically retire. Now 5 million...that's a whole different story.

18) I'm totally terrified of dying: in some kind of painful way. Like a tragic accident. Actually I am much more afraid of pain than I am of dying. I don't want to die, but I don't really fear it or waste an inordinate amount of time worrying about it.

!9) My partner is: my best friend. The only person in the world who can put up with my insanity. Who shares my love of animals. Who would actually buy me a couple of goats on a whim. You gotta love that!

20) My life is not: exactly like I imagined it might be when I was 16 years old. But I am damned lucky, and I know it. Besides, I can't even carry a tune, so my rock-star dream was destined to die anyways.