Friday, April 23, 2010


Noone else lost their job today at my office. Well, at least not as far as I know. That is good news, I suppose. For some unknown reason, I agreed to work tomorrow. I hate when I do that...LOL. But this guy who got fired? Well, that is just one more person that we will have to somehow make up for. I am still hoping that he appeals the whole ridiculous situation and will get his job back. If he even wants it. I know he has 2 kids in college, so....he probably NEEDS it whether he wants it or not. But anyway, it is supposed to rain all weekend, so at least I am not missing out on a pretty sunny Saturday. And I will get Monday off, and that is always nice. Having a week day off once in a while is a good thing because there are just so many things that need to be done on week days. Errands like going to the bank, the vet, the doctor or dentist. Even shopping is easier on a week day morning when its not so crowded. I won't mind sleeping in on Monday for sure.

I hope all of you have a nice weekend. Maybe the weather will be pretty wherever you are. And if you have the time, send some happy thoughts to my kids....Erica is in Nashville running a half-marathon tomorrow morning. And Stephen defends his paper for his Master's on Monday. Both of them will do fine, I'm sure, but happy thoughts never hurt anybody. :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yeah, I'm a slackard

I have been informed that I have been rather slack with the blogging lately. And its true. But in my defense things have been a little hectic trying to get back into the swing of things after vacation. And why would that be, you ask? Or maybe you don't, but I am going to still tell you...LOL. I came back to an office with ALL new management. And lots of changes, most of them of an inconvenient nature. Why do those restructuring changes that supposedly promote progress always seem so cumbersome and painful? And besides that, people are being scrutinized, audited and today? One person was fired. We were warned that it probably wouldn't be the last. We are all walking on eggshells, watching our backs, and feeling persecuted. On the other hand, its not exactly news to anybody that I really do hate that place. Have ALWAYS hated that place. If I got fired, then....I would figure something else out and go on with my life. Because its not, you life. Some people act like its their lives, and our management certainly acts like it SHOULD be our lives. I was even told once that if (fill in the blank with any company name) wanted us to have a life, we would have been issued one. Yeah....whatever. I am not going to let it drive me crazy.

And about the pictures....I really wanted to post some vacation pics. But I think I told you that my new netbook doesn't have photo editing capabilities. So, I downloaded everything we took onto Bruce's laptop, which is relatively new too, since he bought it this past Dec. And guess what? He never put any kind of photo editing software on it either. LOL. So I am stuck with a bunch of pictures on his computer that I can't post until he puts Nero or Photoshop on it so I can resize them. Blogger and Facebook are really picky about the size of pictures that can be uploaded. So about those pictures....ask Bruce. The ball is in his court now. Maybe he will get around to it this weekend. Don't be too hard on him, he has pulled a muscle in his back and has been walking around looking old and crippled for a couple of days now. Its starting to get better, so we don't think its anything serious, but still, he hasn't felt that great this week.

But anyway, things are fine here. The weather has been warm and sunny. Our animals were all extremely happy to have us back home again. Life is good.