Sunday, September 28, 2008

Most Unfortunate....

So, I have been out of work for the past 2 weeks recovering from back injuries that happened during a car accident. Luckily it wasn't a tragic accident, and I am almost back to normal. Apparently, as I am getting a bit older, my lower back has decided it wants to be fragile. I dealt with back issues back in May when my son Stephen was graduating from college. I got through that 5 hour car trip to ASU, and consequent sitting in uncomfortable seats at the convention center for the ceremony by pain pills and muscle relaxants. Hey, it got me through, and I was feeling pretty good....haha.

But now I return to work tomorrow. And wouldn't you know it? I have gotten up with a sore throat, stuffy nose, and all the other wonderful symptoms of a full blown cold. Yay! Hubby has been sick with a cold all week end, poor thing. And now....I get to go back to work feeling crappy.
Oh the joy. Because there is no way in hell that I would feel justified in calling in sick. They have been scrambling to cover for me these past 2 weeks as it is. Not that I give a flying flip about the struggles of our management to cover me. Its my friends and co-workers who bear the brunt of the inconvenience. I wouldn't do that to THEM. Its just such a shame that I couldn't have had this cold and gotten it over with while I was laying around the house, bored out of my mind, and not being able to do a whole lot of anything because my back was out of commission. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to schedule these kinds of things when it would be more convenient????

ETA: Ooops, false alarm. I guess it was just a really bad episode of allergies. That or the zinc lozenges that I used really knocked that cold out quickly. Either way, it was good to not be sick as a dog today.

Freaky Fashion

I love me some boots. Of course, its rare here in Eastern NC that it gets cold enough for me to actually wear any of my boots, but I love the idea of them. Once in a great while I wear them, and it makes me happy. But these peep-toe boots....I don't get them. Apparently they are hot fashion items this fall/winter. But I can't figure out how they would work. I mean, I have to wear socks with my boots just to be comfortable. But would sock-covered toes sticking out of this boot look right? I don't think so. And also if its cold enough to warrant a boot, why would you want your toes sticking out like this? My toes are the first things to get cold. I do think these are kind of/sort of cute, but totally impractical so this is one trend I don't think I am going to be buying into.

And this freaky little boot is heinously ugly, yet I can't tear my eyes away from it. I don't think I would actually wear it. Its more like an interesting piece of art. And NOT wearable art.
Look at the upturn of the toes, and the heel....It screams foot torture to me. Its by a line called "Irregular Choice". These boots are not, by far, their most, um, UNIQUE, design. And uniqueness apparently does not come cheap. These short little boots run about $190. Which is NOT outrageous for a nice, sturdy, classic pair of leather boots that will go with almost anything and last for years to come. But for something this trendy, its kind of pricey. Yet another thing I won't have to spend any of my hard-earned money on. But its definitely interesting.