Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Holiday Weekend

Everything is good here (for the most part) in our neck of the woods. Its HOT and we are breathing in the pervasive smoke from the wildfires still burning in Beaufort Co. Its going on 2 months and they STILL can't get those fires out with all the heat and drought going on in this eastern part of the state. Sometimes things are fine, but then the wind shifts and before you know it, its smokey and hard to breathe. But what can you do? Hope they will be able to get it all under control soon.

We are dealing with bears (of all things) here. This one bear has set up a home right here around our yard. We have seen him several times lately, walking the edge of the woods, crossing the road in front of our house....He is busy, I guess. I have a feeling there are more of them out there, because some people have spotted a group of 3 walking around not even a mile from here. But this guy is the only one we see on a regular basis:

This picture was taken just beside the barn on the edge of the woods. Bruce was just a few yards away, all excited. I was hyperventilating because bears can be dangerous. I finally threatened to call 911 if Bruce didn't back off and let the bear go on his way. But seriously? I am a little bit nervous outside now. I am fine inside the fenced yard, but beyond that it is a gamble. We used to walk all over the property, through the woods...there are tons of wild blackberries out there.
But not this year. Not with Yogi and friends on the prowl.

Anyway, I hope you all have a good holiday weekend. We are going to Wilmington to spend some time with Jeanne and Calvin and Greg and Lori and all the nieces. Beach tomorrow! I need a break from the bears....LOL.

Happy 4th to everybody!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Topsy Turvy

I haven't written in a while because my life is feeling a little topsy turvy at the moment. I am trying to make some big changes. The last round of blood tests scared me a little(ok really a lot, but I am trying not to panic). So I am making life adjustments, fewer medications, more natural supplements, healthier diet, exercise (all under the watch of our doc, so I am not just taking chances with dropping meds with no direction). Its all for the long-term good, but it is taking its toll in the interim. Its stressful, but I know it will eventually all balance itself out. My body just has to get used to healthier living and fewer medications.

I was given a 3 month time-frame to make these changes. I need to lower my cholesterol, and blood glucose a little bit or I am facing taking even MORE medication. My levels weren't outrageous, and the 2nd round of tests came back that these things were only slightly elevated....but definitely borderline. I had the feeling that it was now or never. So....its motivating. I am working at it. If there is improvement, even a little bit, then hopefully the doc will give me another 3 months to work on it further.

It's hard though. I believe that it will get easier as these things become habit...right? Its just a matter of time. And meanwhile, if I am not here blogging away about the details of our lives as often as usual, just know its because I am struggling a little, but it will be well worth it eventually. Hopefully....wish me luck. :) And whenever I need a little something to make me smile, I just look at this:

Is this not the cutest thing you have EVER seen?