Wednesday, July 14, 2010


And her name is:


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One Itty Bitty Kitty

We had a girl come over on Sunday afternoon to adopt one of the kittens. We had 2 left, so I had sent her pictures of both and told her she could have her pick. Bruce had told me multiple times, in multiple ways that we were NOT keeping any of the babies. But still, there was this one that had captured both of our hearts. The other kittens really haven't paid that much attention to us. They play and eat and hang with Mama. But this one sneaks into the den every evening and snuggles up on the couch with Bruce. With me occasionally, but its usually Bruce.

So of course this girl decides on that one. My favorite one. My heart sank, and I felt some hot tears popping up. But I picked her up to say good-bye because....well...I was told we were NOT keeping ANY of the kittens. And then Bruce spoke up and said, "That was the one we were thinking about keeping." Huh? I had told the girl she could have her pick. LOL. But she apologized and said she was having so much trouble making up her mind that she would definitely take the other one. It was just as good for her. So, she took "Hoss", and she left. And we? We now have 4 cats. Seriously. Of course one is just itty bitty so she hardly counts as a whole cat just yet, but are we crazy or what?

Just to clarify, we still have the little calico, but she is leaving for her new home this weekend. And I have had email from both of the other kittens' new owners. Both of them are doing well, adjusting, eating, playing. It makes me happy to hear that. The couple who took the little boy named him Smokey. And Hoss has had her name changed to Zoey. The girl actually emailed me and asked if we had named her anything before. And I was embarrassed to admit we called that pretty little girl kitten, "Hoss". But we did, and its the truth so I told her. Hahaha. Zoey is good, too though. Now we just have to come up with a name for our newest family member. We have been calling her itty bitty, but that isn't really a name is it? I just know that when I first rescued Sam and took her to the vet, she didn't have a name yet. They labeled her chart "No Name Kintz". It kind of made me sad, so I won't let this one go for too much longer without a name.