Saturday, February 9, 2008


Marriage is NOT easy. In the past couple of days I have almost killed my husband, AND inadvertently, accidentally gotten divorced. Clearly I have been a busy woman as of late.

As far as the "Divorce" goes, I was updating some stuff on my Facebook profile. I had listed myself as "in a relationship", because the marriage option required too much other stuff. Like your husband's name, and your maiden name, etc. But I decided to go ahead and make it public that I was married to my guy, so I deleted my "in a relationship" status. And then the phone rang. Actually, my friend Sherri sent me a text message having to do with the ongoing trauma/drama that my work place loves to dish out. And I got distracted. Seriously, its not hard to do. Distract me, that is. I forgot about Facebook. And I didn't realize that it didn't just clear my status, but it made an announcement that "Rebecca is NO LONGER IN a relationship."
HAHAHAHA. I got a strange phonecall from my daughter yesterday. She wanted to know why I was NO LONGER in a relationship. there something she needed to know? Or even more accurately, if one reads between the lines, "Are you getting a divorce and moving up here to ruin/micro-manage my life and drive me crazy???" But I went back and fixed the Facebook problem. I am, once again, married and/or IN a relationship. My daughter can relish the relief.

And then there is the "killing my husband" thing. Its about that stupid plane. The one that is stuck in the tree (still). He just can't leave it alone. He has become obsessed with getting that thing down. And, let me make it clear that he went out and bought ANOTHER plane, so its not about having the plane. He just can't stand to see it mocking him like that. And so.....he came up with the brilliant idea of stringing a rope high in the tree, tying himself up in a homemade kind of halter thingie, and then attaching said rope to the lawn tractor so I could hoist him 70 feet above the ground to knock the plane out of the branch that its stuck in. I adamantly refused over and over again, ALL WEEK LONG. Does that REALLY sound like a good idea to anyone? Risking life and limb for a toy plane???? Um, I don't think so.

But when I got home from work yesterday afternoon, he had ignored my refusals and had the stage all set for the great plane rescue. He had used a slingshot to get the rope into place. The tractor was gassed up, and in position with the rope all tied in perfect knots for the hoisting. All he needed was me to drive the tractor. And somehow, in a moment of weakness (I was tired, dammit) I agreed. He made it about a foot or so off the ground before the rope just snapped.
And I felt positively sick. What if the rope had held out long enough to haul him 60-70 feet in the air before it broke???? He would be dead right now. Or severely injured, or something else unpleasant.

Is it wrong to wish for a hurricane right about now to blow this thing out of the tree so my husband can get over it??? All he had to say about it is: "I need thicker rope."
God help me....................................................................................

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

Is it Friday yet? Because I really REALLY need it to be the week-end. Like now. Work has gotten the best of me this week. I try not to let it get to me, but then sometimes.....sometimes it just does and there is no way around it. All I know is that the management at my office has got some seriously BAD karma coming their way if there is any kind of universal justice in the world. Whatever....I am so over it now. I will be back to write more when my mood improves...haha. I am not particularly good company at the moment.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Its been hovering around the 80 degree mark for the past 2 days. In February. Eary February, no less. I wore capris and a t-shirt to work today. Its just too weird for words. As a lover of colder weather, I can't say that it thrills me. I guess its better than scraping ice off of the car windshield in the morning, but still, a little chilly breeze now and again would be nice.

Anyway, work has been busy busy busy this week, and I have had like zero free time to do anything else. But...hubby did come up with a solution to the "plane stuck in a tree" dilemma.
He went out and bought another one. HAHAHAHAHA. As of this moment, the other plane remains in the tree. We can see it out of our bedroom window. Its mocking him, I think.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

To Stephen....

So, this past week, hubby went out and bought himself a radio-controlled plane to replace the indoor helicopters that I gave him, and Stephen for Christmas. The helicopters were flimsy, and hard to control, and we ended up packing them up and taking them back to Radio Shack right after Christmas.

Anyway, today is about 65 degrees, and sunny. A beautiful day. Hubby decided to go test out his new plane for the first time. And this is where it is now:

To Stephen: This is the same tree, and almost the exact same spot that the KITE got stuck. All attempts to retrieve it at this point have been futile. Your father is NOT amused. We calculate that its somewhere in the neighborhood of about 60-70 feet up in the air.........
Anybody got any bright ideas??