Thursday, August 4, 2011


Pop up pre-measured tape strips? Are you kidding me? Because tearing off a piece from a regular roll of scotch tape is just too difficult? Sometimes the ridiculousness (is that a word?) of certain useless products just amazes me. Like the Batter Blaster, because spooning or pouring pancake batter is just too inconvenient.
Or baby wipe warmers....maybe I suck as a Mom, but my babies had to endured room temperature wipes. Sorry darlings, I hope it hasn't scarred you for life. Who buys this junk? Did anybody actually buy the brownie pan with the compartments because cutting a pan of brownies is just way too hard? LOL. Who knows, maybe people said the same thing when pre-sliced bread hit the market.

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Too much worrying and too few answers right now. Bruce's dad is still in the hospital, and not many answers forthcoming from there. I don't know what to do.
Well, I KNOW what we have to do but I don't like it....wait. And wait...and wait.
Wait for Dr.s to come around and give out some small shred of information. Wait on another test, another Dr. to explain the test....etc. I know its just the way it is, but patience is unfortunately NOT one of my virtues. We are just trying to remain hopeful and not let all the waiting wear down our optimism. If there was even some kind of Dr.s schedule we could count on. Some way of knowing that if nothing else, at 10am someone would be around to give us something. Even an "I don't know, but we are trying this, or that..." Right now its absolutely random. A Dr. might pop in at 8am or 10pm. Maybe once a day, maybe twice, who knows. The nurses, while wonderful, know nothing either. Stephen said he had read recently of hospitals trying to figure out ways to improve Dr./patient communication, and that would be fantastic if they can work it out.

We are also in limbo with Stephen and Hannia trying to get out of their apartment lease to follow through with plans to move back to NC. Right now, the rental agency is being rude and unhelpful. The kids MAY be able to sublet the place....but everything is unhappy and tense and so far the news hasn't been encouraging. Just as it is with Dad being sick, my hands are tied and I am unable to help the situation any. I hate feeling helpless when family/friends are going through something tough. Stephen is still job searching and as everybody knows, thats a tough market at the moment.....

We are a family in dire need of good news right now. Something uplifting and wonderful. Somebody, somewhere HAS to have something fabulous to say....right?
Anybody? I am sick of the heat wave and the drought and the federal government and their stupidity. Unemployment, defaulting on loans, hospital rooms, and rental agents with bad attitudes can all go straight to hell. I will even provide the implied handbasket, just let me know.....LOL. I know, I know....this too shall pass.
It has to. I need to vent a little but it will all be fine eventually. I really do believe that, no matter how much I whine and complain.