Saturday, January 17, 2009

Winning the battle

I have given up on the fence/goat situation for the moment. I don't even bother to close the gate because I am afraid my goats are going to hurt themselves jumping over it. They are so determined to sleep on that porch stoop no matter what we do. So....we let them. For now. Its so cold that I really feel sorry for them anyway. We have been using some old blankets to cover them up like babies. If they had better manners, I might be tempted to let them sleep inside. But they don't and I can't even imagine the chaos and destruction that would undoubtably happen if they came in. I think they have won this battle. But they have NOT won the war. We will eventually figure out a solution that will keep them in their place. I hope.......

We just heard that ALL of the Circuit City stores are closing. Apparently their website has closed down already. Bruce ran out there today just to see whats going on. At the moment, they are just offering a 10 percent discount, but he said that the place was a madhouse anyway. Most of the laptops have been bought up. By the time they start to offer deeper discounts most of the good merchandise will be long gone. Oh well, I honestly can't think of a single thing, electronic-wise that I really need or want right now. Its sad the number of stores that are in trouble. The whole financial situation is depressing. I heard that Old Navy, Gap, and even Macy's are having problems. Where in the world will I be able to shop if all of these places go under? What about Target? Does anybody know anything about them? Because if Target closes I have NO idea what I will do. I try to avoid our Walmart like the plague. I hope things turn around soon.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Our gym is chocked full of "newbies" and its making me unhappy. Last night, we showed up for our regular Body Pump class that we have been going to since August, and we COULD NOT get in!!! You have to get an entrance ticket at the front desk because space/equipment is limited, and ALL of the tickets were gone. I was so disappointed. Of course, let me point out that I had been telling hubby all day that we needed to get there early because of the newbies that have invaded our gym as of the first of the year. Damn those New Years resolutions!!! Hubby got distracted and didn't get himself ready to leave until our regular time and by then it was too late. I walked upstairs to stare into the window of the studio....just to see all those new people taking MY space...haha! I know....they paid their fees, and have the right to be there, too.
I ought to be supportive and understanding. But I am feeling resentful instead. I need to be a better person, I guess.

My daughter tells me that its the same every January. And by March, the fitness-craze begins to die off a little. Maybe some people just get tired of it, or maybe its the nice weather and people do more things outside...? I don't know. I hope her predictions are correct though. This hassle of having to worry about a parking space, a spot in the class or whether or not there will even be any of the elliptical machines available is so not cool. If its still this bad when our membership comes due again in July, we might have to rethink things and try out another place.
I hope not, because the beauty of this gym is the location. Its close enough to home that I would feel guilty if I didn't go.

In the meantime, I guess I will just have to show up earlier than usual for classes, schedule cardio/elliptical times in off hours (between 5 and 7 pm is the absolute busiest time of the day), and just bite the bullet and see what happens. I want to make the yoga class at 6:30 tonight.
On Saturday that class was so full I had to turn sideways at an angle just to have enough space to do my thing. Of course, the new routine we started that day was so much harder than usual that maybe it scared a few people off....HA. One can only hope. And for the record, even though we didn't get into the class last night, we did stay and do some cardio on the bikes just to get some kind of exercise in. I think cardio is pretty boring, and I really prefer the social aspects of the classes, but it was better than nothing I guess.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The new fence

The new fence.....completely useless. We could have just flushed that cash down the toilet for all the good it has done. Well, no, I take that back. I still kind of like having it there so I don't have to go chase down Scotty (the blind/deaf dog) early in the morning, or in the rain. So at least there's that. But as for keeping the goats out of the courtyard.....not happening. Chaucer figured out how to jump over it sometime early this morning. By this evening Poe was leaping over it as well. I have no idea how to solve this one. I am at a complete loss.......

I spent some time this afternoon outside playing with the goats. They are cute and playful (when they aren't doing some evil fencing jumping/door chewing deeds). I do love them. Poe can rare up on his hind legs and walk quite a ways like that. Its hilarious to watch. I really hope we can figure out some way to coexist. They are mine, and I don't want to give them up. Maybe I can just keep feeding them a whole lot, and they will get too fat to jump....?

On other note, I am dealing with some really inconvenient carpal tunnel syndrome thingie. My hand keeps getting that pins and needles feeling. I bought a wrist brace, and that helps. It really helps a lot at night. The pain in my wrist and the tingling in my hand has been keeping me from getting much sleep lately. Its been going on for at least a month or more. I've been researching it on the internet, just hoping to figure out some way to avoid going to the doc. I really don't want to take time off work again right now. And I really really really do NOT even want to consider surgery. So, keep your finger's crossed for me. I am using the brace, taking ibuprofen to reduce swelling, and being really diligent with a whole arsenal of hand/wrist exercises that are supposed to help.Apparently that is the first course of action that the doc would prescribe.

Ok, I'm frustrated, tired and a little bit stabby. But seriously, no matter how annoyed I am, I still know I am a lucky woman. It will all work out......right?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Goat World

We spent yesterday afternoon installing the fence. Stephen and Hannia came over just as we were finishing up, and we all hung out for a while. After they left, I happened to peek out of the study door, and I'm sure you can guess whats coming next...The goats were right back on the porch stoop, and the gate of the brand new fence was standing wide open. I swear I almost had a stroke.

I took a couple of carabinger clips (the ones for mountain climbing) and I used those to secure the gate latch. For the moment, that seems to be working. The gate latch was just a little U-shaped piece that went down to fit against the other half of the door. If you pushed hard enough on the gate, it would just let go. It took them all of an hour to figure that out. Apparently my goats are smart....haha. They keep walking back and forth along the length of the fence, casing it, contemplating it. My hope is that after a few days they will just give up and forget that they want to get inside. ??

The good news is that they spent last night in their shed finally. It rained, and that drove them in to sleep in their hay beds. Thats where I had hoped they would sleep all along. Maybe they will eventually get used to that. I keep running out to feed them treats in the shed to hopefully make them associate good and happy things with it. My goats like corn chips. My generally shy, somewhat skittish goats tried to climb me like a tree when I went out there with corn chips. Maybe I can use that to bribe them into behaving like the goats that I wanted instead of these nightmare house-eating goats.