Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I didn't get horrifically drunk

This is the E-card that my daughter sent to us after our weekend visitation at her place. We got to go see her play kickball on Sunday. She plays with this team that she has been on for several seasons now. And I have to say (quite proudly) that SHE IS GOOD! One of her teammates informed me that Erica is their best girl kicker on the team (my child can be slightly competitve). Its a co-ed team, by the way. But anyway, they totally won that game with a score of 16-8 and Bruce and I had an absolute blast watching it (from the shade, because it was like hotter than hell out there). I think my daughter was a wee bit nervous to have us there interacting with all of her friends (heehee). But we behaved (for the most part), and we didn't embarrass her (too much), so she sent us this little thank you card for behaving ourselves. There was beer involved. Apparently drinking a wee bit (or a lot) is part of the kickball experience, so....yeah. But we didn't get horrifically drunk or obnoxious or anything. HAHAHA! Her friends were all very gracious and accomodating, explaining the rules, updating us on the score and the number of outs, etc. And even though we were perfect angels (really...seriously) Erica still managed to drag us away before we could go to the after game party....Oh well. Maybe next time. I have NO idea why having us hang out with her buddies seems to make her so very very nervous. No, really, it was so hot that nobody seemed to be really interested in going out to the bar afterwards. Apparently, the hangout of choice is an outdoor place, and the heat made that kind of out of the question.
We also got to check out her new house. New as in just moved in, because actually its a really old house. But its cute and it has character and charm that most newer places just don't have. Hubby helped her out with a lot of things around there that needed doing. Like replacing the ceiling fan in her bedroom that would only work on the absolute slowest speed. And buying and assembling a new bookcase. And lots of other things that I don't remember because I didn't do any of that hard, yucky stuff. I did take her shopping though. That was my contribution to the weekend. There was also quite a bit of good food involved, as well. She made us homemade ice cream. From SCRATCH!!! It was cake batter flavored and Oh my GOD that was the richest, creamiest stuff I have ever had. YUM! Store bought stuff pales in comparison to this. I will never feel the same way about Bryer's ever again.
Ok, but one more thing that I wanted to say: Congratulations Hannia!! My new daughter-in-law had been looking for a new job for a while now. And....she just got the news today that she GOT the job that she interviewed for a week or so ago. Its with the state, and she will basically be doing what she is doing now (with the county), but she will be working from home most of the time. I am so happy for her. My son is working from home already. So now...except for his having to go to class occasionally, they never actually have to leave the house. How cool is that? My son likes to point out that when he goes to work, all he has to do is to walk upstairs to the study. And....he frequently goes to work in his pajamas. HAHA! Must be nice. But I am happy for them. Things seem to really be falling into place and a good thing.

We PAID for this??????

We had our first hour long session with our personal trainer today. Last week, we did 2 half hour orientation sessions where he just gave us a little taste of things to come. Today??? He KICKED our rear ends. He was ruthless and brutal, and I hurt in places that I never even knew had muscles. He hit every single muscle group in our poor tortured bodies. But you was ok. I wasn't sure I was going to make it through, but having survived I now feel a sense of accomplishment. I did it. But all I kept thinking through my sweat was, "What the hell? We PAID for this kind of torture??" Haha.

Now...lets just see if I can walk or lift my arms tomorrow....hehehehe!