Wednesday, May 27, 2009

If You Are Alive....??

In my email inbox today:

RE: Please Respond if You are Alive

From the desk of,
Director Foreign Operations Dept.

Attn: Sir/Madam,

We are obliged to inform you that after we have completed the process
of releasing your funds to you, we now received a Death Certificate,
certifying that you were death according to one Mr. David Jones, who
claims to be your representative, and he now requested that your funds
should be transferred to a Swiss account he provided.
But however, due to the suspicious nature of his claims, we therefore
decided to write you to know if really you were dead as said by the so
called Mr. David Jones,who claims to be your representative.
So please if you were still alive, you should provide the following
information for us to be sure.
1) Your full name
2) Your residential address
3) Your telephone number
4) Your occupation

Be notified that if we do not hear from you within the next 7 days, we
shall assume you were dead as claimed by your representative, and we
would then transfer the funds to his Swiss account as he desire.
All the obligations have been met and the funds are ready for transfer
to the account now.
Awaiting your urgent response to this effect

Yours faithfully,

I actually sent a response, which I KNOW I probably should NOT have, seeing as how that will clue them in that I actually read this crap. My response?

"I'm sorry to inform you that I am totally and completely dead."

The part that made me laugh (besides the whole thing) was to be informed that "I was DEATH". I did not know I was The Grim Reaper, but clearly if Musa says so, it must be true!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary

A year ago today we were all on the waterfront in Morehead City to see my son Stephen get married to Hannia. It was a beautiful wedding, and we all had a whole lot of fun. Wine, dancing, bubbles, a gorgeous view....what more could you ask for?
And? There was cake. It was perfect. Today the kids took off for Charleston, SC to celebrate surviving the first year of marriage. Charleston is one of my favorite cities. I spent a whole lot of my childhood there, so it always feels like home to me. Hannia has never been there before, and I am hoping that she enjoys it and loves it as much as I do.

When Stephen told me he was planning to take her there, I gave him a little tip that I have recently read about. FIG is a restaurant right there in the historic district of Charleston (just a block from the hotel they are staying in) and it won a James Beard Award for 2009 (top 10 restaurants in the U.S.). Stephen just called me a little while ago and told me that they had just come back from dinner there. He said, "Hands down, this is the BEST food I have EVER eaten!" I swear I thought he wept just a little bit at the sheer awesomeness of it. And while I am somewhat insane with jealousy that I am NOT eating at Fig tonight, I am completely thrilled that they had such a wonderful experience to celebrate their anniversary.

Anyway, we have been very blessed to have Hannia added to our little family. I hope the kids have many, many more happy years ahead of them. And I also hope that they enjoy the heck out of the rest of their time in Charleston. They have lots of good stuff planned (a whole LOT of it involves eating, but oh my God there are just so many fantastic places to eat there). I just want to see the pictures...which will make me feel slightly homesick for that place. Maybe I can coerce Bruce to head out on a quick road trip down there sometime soon. And IF we do....we WILL be making a reservation at Fig. You can count on that!