Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Darling Daughter!!!

Today is Erica's birthday. I can't say how old she is because she asked me not to.
Which is funny to me because I am a billion times older than she is and for some reason, I don't really mind telling or discussing my age. But I am going to publicly wish her a VERY Happy Birthday even if I don't reveal how many years she is celebrating...

Happy Birthday Erica!!! We love you, and we hope that all your wishes and dreams come true. I can't imagine having a more awesome daughter than you are. I hope you eat cake and celebrate today...and all weekend! When a birthday falls on a Friday it calls for a full 3 day weekend celebration.

I plan to do a bit of celebrating myself, because today is the day that I saw my daughter for the very first time (you know...however many undisclosed years ago). Today is the day that she made me a Mom.
And I have never ever regretted a single second of that particular role that I have been blessed to play.

Monday, May 12, 2008

New Toys, Turtles and Laptops....

First, my new toy: The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum!!! LOVE IT! I have been researching vacuums for a while now, trying to find one that could stand the constant battle of dog hair. I think I have found it. We just got it today. I couldn't wait to try it out. Can you believe that? I was actually looking forward to vacuuming...hahahaha. Anyway, so far, I am well pleased. I think we made the right choice.

About the turtles: My hubby is a self-proclaimed saver of turtles. The ones that get stranded on the road in danger of being squashed by oncoming traffic. He will jump out of his car in a heartbeat to rescue the turtle and return him to safety. We see them alot around here. He generally gives me a saved turtle-count on daily basis. He averages about 2-3 a day. Today, on our way home from vacuum shopping (at Best Buy, so he was a happy camper to get to browse there for a while) we spotted a huge turtle slowly making his way across the road. There was a line of traffic behind us, so we couldn't come to a screeching halt. Instead, we drove just a little further down the road until we could turn around and go back. By the time that we got back to the turtle spot, another man had stopped his car and was in the process of playing turtle hero. It made me happy to know that other people out there in the world care about things like that. Its a small thing, I know. But it restores my faith in humanity to some degree. Turtle savers are awesome.

And now the laptop....Its finally fixed and in the process of being shipped to me. For real (I hope...they wouldn't lie to me would they??). Hopefully by Thursday it will be delivered back into my eager waiting hands again. Because I missed it dearly. I feel like planning a welcome back party for it. Any cause to celebrate is definitely a good thing...

We're Back, Son is home and all is well!

We had a nice graduation week-end. It was hectic because we were also moving Stephen out of his apartment, but its all done and we are back home again. The graduation ceremony was well organized and went smoothly despite the fact that there were about 8 billion kids in that graduating class. Well, more like 800 (I think...?), but they kept it popping along so it didn't drag on all day. There was ample seating and we managed to get parking directly across from the front entrance. That was wonderful. Greg and Lori had a hotel room so close to the convention center that they were all able to walk. It worked out well. I consider this weekend a success!!!

Saturday night we all decided (after having a huge lunch with Greg and Lori and the girls) that none of us were particularly hungry. We set out to celebrate instead and Stephen took us to this cute little pub on the main street shopping area in downtown Blowing Rock. I think it was called The Six Pence Pub...?
Oh my God, we had some of the best Mojitos there that night. And desserts...yummy. My dinner basically was a couple of very strong mojitos and the best Irish Creme pie that I have ever tasted. Thats fine for a celebration, isn't it??? Dad and Barb had an excellent bread pudding, and somehow, someway, Barb managed to charm the actual recipe out of the bartender. Who was young. And cute. And very charismatic...haha. I think Barb even walked away with his email address.

Anyway, yesterday we drove the rental U-haul straight from Boone directly to Stephen's new apartment here in town. His stuff is all there, but its not live-in condition yet.
Its a great place. A 2-story end unit with 3 bedrooms, 2 and 1/2 baths. It has a fireplace, and a decent sized patio in back. It just needs a good cleaning, a little paint, and a few cosmetic repairs. The former tenants treated the place fairly rough. But with a little work and some tender loving care, this has a lot of potential for the kids. The best part? (for me anyway), is that its like maybe 5 minutes away from here....10 if traffic is heavy. Hehehe. No, really, I am going to TRY not to be imposing on those kids. It just makes me happy to have a child of mine living in the same town for a while. And I might impose...just a little...over the summer, because they have a great swimming pool at this complex, and its literally just across the driveway from their door. Hahaha!