Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dreary Saturday

Its a dreary, blustery day. The temp is hovering just below 50 degrees, and there is a constant light drizzle in the air. No matter. Its just fine inside and I have no where that I have to be today (a miracle in and of itself for sure). We are trying our hand at making mulled wine. And after we get sufficiently tipsy, we intend to pick up sharp objects and have a go at carving our pumpkins. LOL. Don't try this one at home kids. We have stencils, and patterns in mind. Maybe I will post some pictures later if they turn out well.

And after that? I intend to have some pumpkin seeds toasting in the oven. Yum. I LOVE autumn. Its my favorite time of year. Happy week-end, ya'll!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

He is pretty special

My husband is pretty special. I was feeling sad and sorry for myself because I haven't had time to decorate for Halloween. As I drove into our drive-way from work today, the first thing I saw was my blow ups out in the front yard. 8ft. tall ghosts, a vampire hearse....Frankenstein, a witch, and a Mummy in a hot rod. And when I walked inside, he was decking the halls with witches and skeletons, pumpkins and ghosts and monsters. All my favorite toys are out, loaded with batteries, and ready to be enjoyed. I know its only a week until the Holiday. Generally we decorate by the first part of October. But I am so happy to have my decorations up. I can't believe Bruce went to all that trouble. Because believe me, its a LOT of stuff to deal with. Stephen had bought pumpkins for the front porch, too. I was never going to have the time or energy to get it done this year. What a big surprise to find it all laid out and done.

Now just a few more things....I need to string up some Halloween lights on the porch, buy some candy, and I think we are ready to start the celebrations. Seriously, he's the best husband in the world.