Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Dear Driver of the monstrous white SUV who parked beside of me at Target,

I bite my tongue and try hard not to judge you based on the offensively large, gas guzzling vehicle that you choose to drive. Even when your obnoxious SUV blocks any view for pulling out of a parking space, or seeing if the traffic light ahead is turning yellow. Its your right to drive whatever you want, ecology be damned. But the thing that I can NOT tolerate is the way that you side-swiped my car, leaving white scratches down the driver's side as you pulled your yacht sized automobile out of the parking space. I was inside of my yellow lines. I know that for a fact, because I checked. I checked because I took notice of the fact that I was pulling in beside a ginormous white SUV, and wanted to make sure you had plenty of room to pull out. Clearly I didn't take your lack of driving skills into consideration. Thanks ever so much for the scratches, and the tattered shreds of the rubber striping down the side of my car. How nice of you to leave the scene without a note of apology. Very "klassy" of you. I wish I had gotten your license plate number, but I didn't. Although....I may actually take the time to jot that down the next time I park beside an SUV larger than anything on wheels should ever be. I take it back...I DO judge you, and unfortunately, you proved my judgement correct. I hope my car gave you some big blue streaks from where you hit me. Moron.