Friday, August 15, 2008

Crime Scene...

So, I got home from work yesterday afternoon, and my house looked something like this:

I was understandably alarmed. I went in search of the maimed and the bleeding....and then I found my dog. Poor thing. He had a benign polyp in his ear. We knew it was there. But since he is really old, mostly blind, and almost completely deaf we made the decision to just leave it there. Its not like it was going to interfere with his hearing or anything. But anyway, it must have been bothering him and he managed to dig his claws deep enough in his ear to scratch it. He bled like a stuck pig. And he must have been shaking his head alot because there were blood splatters all over the walls, just like the one above. Blood in the kitchen, blood on the carpet, blood on the walls. It was like something out of CSI. Not something you want to come home to after a long day of work. Hubby walked in not long afterward, and he headed to the vet with bleeding dog while I stayed behind and scrubbed everything down. Luckily all the blood came out of the carpet.

Anyway, Scotty had surgery to remove that ear polyp this morning. He's home now and doing fine. I am $500 poorer, but what can you do????

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Congratulations are in order!

My daughter had her annual review by committee today. They decide whether or not she is worthy to continue forward with her PhD. She was nervous about it because apparently she has had a full year of NOTHING working out no matter how hard she tried. I've been told that is the nature of science. But made her nervous. After her presentation, she said she was sent out into the hall so the committee could discuss her privately. She swears that she heard the committee head say something along the lines of "Everything is the same as last year. Why hasn't she made more progress?" Erica said she was so nervous, she was almost in tears. But when she was called back into the room, everyone was very positive and helpful. Her mentor says that she must have been hallucinating because those words were never uttered. Like at ALL! Its funny how your mind can play tricks on you when you are under stress......

But anyway, she has passed her review. She is safe and sound within the microbiology department for at least another year. These reviews are annual, so next summer will be more of the same. I just know that she was stressed out, and is happy that this is over with now.

To my beloved daughter: Go out and have a celebration with your friends, cuz seriously SO deserve it. Hope you have a blast at Rob's wedding this weekend. Much love to you darling.