Thursday, February 9, 2012

The trouble with lottery tickets

The trouble with lottery tickets is the extreme letdown, the crushing disappointment when you don't win. LOL. But I agree with my son, you are not only buying a chance, no matter how slim and far-fetched, you are buying a chance to dream wildly for a few hours. Or days. It's fun. Bruce and I have our plan. The jackpot winning plan. We are taking off immediately for a celebration trip in Atlantis. First class all the way. Just for a few days....and then we will come home and start making plans, figuring out what we need to do next. These plans include such things as sharing with family, and random acts of kindness just because it would be so much fun.

But ok, I realize its a long shot. I haven't failed to pay bills or run up my credit cards waiting on a lottery win to bail me out. In fact, we basically rarely buy a ticket. Whenever there is a particularly large jack pot coming up, we break down. Like was at 250 million. Bruce bought a couple of tickets in hopes that we would be enroute to Paradise Island today. We went to work instead. At least nobody else won yet either....which means that I may take another shot at it for Saturday. Who knows? Maybe I will be on my way to my celebration dream vacation by the first of the week. Somebody has to win so why not me, right?

Monday, February 6, 2012


Not too much going on. Jeanne came up for the weekend, and we all went out for dinner with our friends, Chris and Jessica. We had a very nice time. I said this to Jeanne, but it always seems life gets in the way of seeing people and just getting together to have fun. Never enough time. But when it happens, it's great. I just need to figure out how to make more time for it.

And then, Stephen made homemade doughnuts for our Sunday breakfast. Really nice of him, too. So yummy. But absolutely none of our festivities included the Super Bowl. Not a fan. I just don't care anything about it. I did watch part of Animal Planet's "Puppy Bowl". My favorite part is Kitty Halftime....LOL. That's about all the sports that I can handle.

So it's a brand new week. Hopefully it will be a good one, for ALL of us.